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Abree is a girl who is struggling with depression and doesn't know how to tell anyone. she wants the pain to just end and she wants it to all end now. However, a girl named Mia can help because like Abree Mia suffered from an anxiety disorder ever since her mom died and she just doesn't know it, luckily her dad saw and got her help and now it is up to Mia to save Abree.

Connie Davis
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Life as everyone knows it existed for one reason. All life has a purpose and a place here on this crappy place we call Earth, or at least that is what everyone tells you. I constantly ask myself what is my purpose. I kinda think that I wasn’t meant to be here that I was this little thing that fell through the cracks and got through.

I look at the picture of who I use to be. I use to be so confident. I never cared about what anyone thought. I use to laugh and talk all of the time. Now all I can think about is jumping off of this wall and falling 90 feet to the cement. I want everything to stop. I want the world to quit spinning and for my mom, dad, and little brother to be happy. I know that as long as I am alive they will never be happy. the little girl that is in this picture that they use to know and love is gone. I don't know what happened. I just wish I could go back that me being enough can make them proud of who I am and who I have become. I make A's and B's in school but it still doesn't ever feel like enough it never will. all of a sudden I hear something behind me.

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