One Rainy Night...

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Eun hun_A middle aged girl, suffers from Insomnia.. Lost both her parents at a young age. She cannot sleep at times or see dreams at all. She depends on her freind Lee Seong, known by her family would sing to her even when she was a small little girl. But that one rainy night...Nothing had mercy on him or her...

Drama / Other
Christiyana Hope
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Chapter 1

I felt it.. the anger, the wroth.., and the pain.

"It's hard to live alone..", i thought to myself, as i took my phone to my hand..

Staring at the locked screen, i had a look at the time,

"11:48 pm.", that's pretty late.

"June 12th, what could be so bad..", i said to myself.. as i stared at the calender...

"Must be like some other day..exept a little rain and thunder..heh..", i didn't take much notice of the sounds.

I thought to take a look at my self on the mirror beside my bed.

I have never looked so terrible in my entire life... "maybe as much as i remember..", i thought to myself.

I tried to smile a bit... but it felt too bitter..

My eyes swolen, red as ever covered with dark circles around my eyes..

My body feels like it has shrinked into a deep unforgiving ocean..

My hands, scared and rough..

I felt emotionless ..

"Why did i even want to look at you?..", i said to myself looking in disgust at the mirror.

"They were right.. i have to admit it..", i took a deep breath and looked down... looked back again at myself and here it was,

"I have not being sleeping.. i have not being eating.. i have not being doing my work right.. What is wrong with me!"..

I took a deep breath again...

Ran to the window, as i saw it rain heavily.. felt like tears...

The thunder.. felt like anger and wroth..

"Or is it a bad day?...",

I tried to sing to myself ...

But in the middle, i remembered.

"Seong should have called me by now..."

But why didn't he?

"I should call.", i said as i took my phone with high hopes, dialling the number.

Sitting on my chair, when i heard the phone ring, it gave me so much happiness.

But then...

"The number you called is busy right now, please try again later."

How could it be, who could he be talking to...

Has he forgotten ...

What's happening..

My mind was filled with too many questions..

(The Thunder sounds became worse)

Like my senses came back normal.

"Seong?.." I whispered..

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