Mafia's Unwilling Mistress

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Please Leo no more ,I'm begging you stop it Ahhhhhhh................ Scream baby doll scream but I'm not gonna stop you have to suffer your deeds, You know what think it is a chemistry experiment you're my litmus paper and my whip is the chemical solution after hitting from my whip you're milky white skin get converted into red and blue colour,it was just chemistry doll. ________________________________________ Avery was 17 years old broken girl she was lonely no one love her. Her own parent's sold her to the Russian Mafia Leonardo Adrian Lorenzo. Leonardo 25 years old russian mafia was not a human he was a monster he uses girl's like dolls ,he play with them ,fuck them ,tortured them until they die . Now Leonardo got a new toy innocent and kindhearted Avery . How did Avery survived Leo's torture. Read to find out. WARNING: Mature content, strong language and painful torture. (only 18+)

Drama / Erotica
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Authors note

Previously known as "Disinclined Mistress"

This book is for the readers who love reading about dark romance but I wanna tell you guy's one thing this book was not 100% fiction it contains realty, the reality of this world where the girls like Avery are suffering.

Anyways enjoy my book it was not a love story.

But after reading this story you guys start believing in self-confidence.

WARNING: only for those who are 18+ or mature enough to understand the content.



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