Maya’s Confinement

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Maya hasn’t had the best childhood. Her parents dying in a horrific accident caused her to be sent to a orphanage. At only six years of age she has been to ten foster homes each one was worse then the last. Every home taking a piece of her. Leaving her broken and unwanted. Will she ever be loved? Will she ever have a family? Follow maya’s Confinement to find out!

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I woke up to constant knocking on the front door. I look over to my right and glance at the clock to see its only 2 o'clock in the morning. If mom and dad ever find that I'm up I will get a big spanking on my butt. My parents both went to a ball tonight with a bunch of there friends. They don't like bringing me there because all there friends will be there and they don't want me distracting them.

I got up out of my bed and walked in the hallway. The knocks got even more demanding by the second. It couldn't be my parents knocking because they usually just open the door. Curiosity brung me down the stairs and to the front door. Mom and dad always told me not to open the door without looking who was there. I quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed the step later that was slanted against the wall. I quickly carried it to the door to see whobeen knocking on the door. I was greeted with the sight of two men wearing funny uniforms. The same uniforms my uncle Ricky would wear when he would come over for constant checkups with my mom. I always had to go outside and stay out for hours until he left. but, mom said that he was a good man because of the uniform he had on. she said always respect the people with those uniforms.
I turned the knob on the door and opened it just enough that i could fit through. Two angry men stared down out men and didn't say a word.
"Hello" I said timidly looking up at both of them.
"Hello. Are you Maya Lynn Johnson? The daughter of Elizabeth Johnson and James Johnson?"
" Yes I am. why?" feeling a bit nervous at the situation. I placed my hands together to calm my nerves but, Every time I get worried only mom could help me.
"Do you have any relatives that we could speak to about your parents?" The first man said with a sigh.
"No sir it's just me. Is everything okay?"
They both looked at me with sadness in there eyes and they said the words that no child should bear hearing.
"Your parents are no longer here on this earth Maya. We are here to tell you that they got in a car accident and they both didn't make it. Your mother was messing with the radio. she wasn't looking where she was going and she crossed over the median and slammed head on with a 18 wheeler. killing not only her but, her husband as well as friends in the car." he said while bowing his head to me.
I heard nothing. I felt nothing. My parents are gone. Where am I supposed to go? The men I'm guessing continued to talk about my parents accident. but, all I heard was muffled noise. My parents just tucked me in and sent me to bed a few hours ago. How could this happen. What did I do to deserve the loss of both parents. I opened the door to the two officers when they stepped in I closed the door behind them retreating up the stairs.
Opening up the door to my room just isn't the same. Looking at my blue walls don't remind me of the happiness that happened here, it only reminds me of the loss of my beloved parents. I have no family down here only uncle Ricky. Uncle Ricky always been Nice to me but, he has his days when he is just weird. Maybe all uncle's are like that.
I walked to my closet and I grabbed the Duffel bag that I use for vacations. and I began to pack. I packed my life between the walls of a bag. I made sure I grabbed the picture of me and my parents when we went on vacation to Connecticut. That was the day I smiled so much my face hurt. After a few moments of looking at it I stuffed it in the bag with my other possessions and clothes. I knew that this was going to be the last time I seen this room.This is the last time I will set foot in this house. I laid on my bed and cried for the loss of time. The loss of family and the loss of my childhood.
I don't know how much time went by before the two men came in my room to get me. They were going to take me to god knows where. but, in my heart I knew that it wasn't some place I was going to like. I walked slowly out of the house trying to remember ever space and crease in the house. I took one glance before I slid in the car with both of the men and they took me to my next home.
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