Maya’s Confinement

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Chapter 1

I was Peering out the window watching life fly by me. Watching the place I grew up disappear into the dark. I was born in Greenville , NC. It’s a rarity that you will see any famous monuments. But, the landmarks of this place made my soul weep for what I have lost. My heart was breaking. I felt a flutter. A flutter of sadness beating through my rib age. I placed a hand over my heart. I looked up at the sky hoping my parents were in one of the brightest stars watching over me. I looked and I wished that everything would go back to normal. As the car began to slow I knew that was never going to happen. My hand still resting on my heart. I cried.

The car soon stopped infront of a creepy dark house. It looked to be vacant. If it weren’t for the dim light that was lit I would have sworn it was a abandoned building. Getting out of the car the two men follow. Closing the car door lightly I began my walk up to the front door of this building. Looking at it more closely you could see that the outside of the house wasn’t kept up at all. There was shingles and parts of the house hanging loose. Toys all over the yard and so much debri in it as well. Looking up towards the top of the building there was a large wooden squeaky sign that read “All hope for children orphanage”. It’s a little far from the house I used to call home. A bit different from what I’m used to but, mom and dad or gone now so I’m going to have to make this my new home.

The two officers that were in front of me knocked on the door. A woman wearing a green dress and a yellow bonnet opened the door. “Who is knocking on the door so early in the morning? It’s four o clock in the morning. “She said shooting all of us daggers.

“Ma’am we have a young orphan for you. Her parents died tragically can you please take her in.” One of the men quickly said.

“ Everyone always needs a home. You will be of great use here. I will show you your new room right this way dear.” She says while Rolling her eyes at me. Walking through the door with my bag I packed from home. I was greeted with a unpleasant smell. More like a wet dog and sweaty socks. As soon as she noticed I was far into the room away from the mens grasp she slammed the door in their face without a word.

She wrapped her hand around my arm in a vise grip and dragged me to my room. I thought I was going to be getting one of the many rooms I passed but, that wasn’t the case. Out of breathe she dropped me in front of a creaky door.” This is your room go on.” She says while pushing me towards the door. “ But, this isn’t like the other rooms. Why am I down here? This is the basement. Please don’t let me sleep down here. Please!!” I pleaded grabbing her by the legs. She looked down at me in a way I have never seen before but, it wasn’t loving like mom always looked at me. Pain soon erupted from my scalp. She grabbed my hair and flung me on the cot that laid in the room. She let my hair go after a few minutes. She looked at me one last time and whispered “I hope you enjoy your stay.” Before she closed the door to my new room.

I let a breathe I didn’t even know that I was holding when I heard her retreat to god knows where. I took this moment to examine my room. The walls have old wallpaper on them. The floor is battered and rugged but, I could walk barefooted on it if I chose. There was ripped curtains on the ceiling and dust covering every crease and airway in this room. I’m going to have to clean this room up this is what I’m going to be living in. I turned and saw a mirror plastered to the wall. Seeing my reflection I saw my mom. I was short for my age. But, mom said I’ll always grow tall to be her height soon. My eyes was light brown just like hers.My hair took a different turn it’s like my dad’s he has dirty blonde hair with a tint of red. Dad always said he was a lucky Irishman. I guess that isn’t true. Because, if it was he who would still be here. Haunted by the precious memories of my parents I turned away from the mirror and went to my bag and unpacked it. Starting my life here was going to be what I made of it. After I unpacked I shuffled myself to the bed. I laid down and looked through my tattered window staring up at the stars hoping that my parents were looking down on me as well. After a few minutes my eyes drifted down and I soon fell in a peaceful sleep.

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