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Pardona (noun)- A Mistress. They were married but she was never his wife. His slave, his maid, his Padrona, his trophy but never his wife.

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A beautiful couple walked along the beach below her, hand in hand, a smile lighting up their faces, eyes sparkling with love and admiration. They strolled slowly like they had no care in the world like nothing else mattered. Then they paused where the sea meets the beach and they kissed, they kissed long and they kissed hard and she felt her heart ache.

For a minute the numbness drifted into the wind and her weaken body ached for that. It ached for something that she was not entitled to. Her eyes took them in, it greedily fed off of their joy and happiness because it knew that when she turned around, the ache would be gone and in its place would be a void, a deep, dark and empty void that she could not fill.

She watched as the young couple pulled apart and as they continued walking along the beach, hand in hand, skin on skin with happiness, joy, admiration and most of all love. When they were out of her sight and nothing was left but their footprints in the sand and their image in her mind, the void returned, the deep, dark and empty hole in her soul.

Her lips curled themselves into something resembling a smile of joy but she knew, and the sun knew that it was nothing but a grimace, a sad attempt of a lonely and broken woman to gain an ounce of feeling in her bones.

She turned away from the sea, turned to ignore its calls of comfort, of relief. She straightened herself, she plastered the smile on her face and she left the happiness and joy outside with the sun and the sea. She stepped over the threshold and she entered her own personal hell that seemed never ending.


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