From Opposite Sides

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Chapter 52

It’s been a month and I haven’t seen or heard from Rory. I haven’t been eating. Every time I sleep, I dream about him. I am experiencing the weirdest symptoms and I hate it.

Most nights, I end up crying myself to sleep because I miss him so much. What has Rory done to me?

I just about make it into class. I haven’t felt like going anywhere. I haven’t even checked in the mirror to see if I look presentable.

Judging by Harper’s reaction, I don’t appear to be in the best shape.

“Sir, have you heard from Grayson yet? Is he coming back?” Shelly questions, before Ricky can begin whatever speech he’s prepared.

“He’s not returning,” he says.

That’s when the whispering starts.

“I can’t tell you why, as it’s not my business to share. But Grayson is no longer going to be with us I’m afraid.”

“What about the course? Is he going to fail?”

I swear, Shelly is obsessed with Grayson. It’s unbelievable.

“He’s already handed all the work in, so I’m satisfied with that.”

I’m slightly relieved to hear that he hasn’t failed. He did work hard and deserves to be rewarded. I hope that he’s doing okay.

“On another note, I’ve got your presentation marks here, so I’ll start handing them out.” Excited glances are traded around the room. “Skye—“ I look up towards Ricky, as he lowers the presentation results onto my desk. “Congratulations,” he says, with a smile.

I stare down at the piece of paper in front of me and flip it over. Then I read over my feedback.

Skye Clemons Results


I was extremely impressed with your presentation Skye. You delivered an exceptional piece of dialogue and I especially found your introduction to be a strong narrative. This was what I was waiting for from you – an honest, in depth review and you delivered that. You are on your way to becoming a great writer.



No way! This can’t be real. I got an A* - Me? It’s a shame that the only person I’m excited to share this information with, is no longer available.


When Michael takes me to dinner the next day, I’m not myself. I keep glancing at the clock on the wall, tapping my knees together anxiously. It’s nearing one o’ clock and I’m starting to feel uneasy.

“Skye, is something wrong? You seem to be in another place right now.”

My eyes meet with Michaels across the small table and I feel myself go hot in the face.

“Sorry. I’m a bit distracted.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

I chew on my lip, eyes travelling to the clock again. “Not really.”

“I’m a good listener.”

Can I talk to Michael about boys yet, or is that for when we get to know each other better? It’s a bit of an awkward topic.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to vent to someone. “It’s Rory.”

“What about him?”

“We grew really close. I’m finding it hard to accept that he’s no longer part of my life.”

Michael nods knowingly. “Does it have to be that way though? Can’t you start again?”

“I wish it was that simple. I – I do really like him. I just don’t know if it’s enough. I’ve never been in love.”

I’ve always assumed that the way people fell in love in the movies was a load of old crap. I mean, there’s a time frame for every scene, where the two people only seem to spend a week together and suddenly, they are in love.

Does it really work like that?

I’ve only known Rory for two months. That still isn’t a long period of time and yet, he is confident with his feelings towards me. He knows what he wants.

Michael leans forward in his chair and I can see he’s becoming flustered. He’s probably never had this type of conversation with Grayson before and he has to adapt to it.

He clasps his hands together and then unclasps them and I can see he’s concentrating hard on what he should say. “Well, I can’t vouch for how you feel. But I loved your mother. We clicked from the moment we first met. I always felt comfortable around her, she brought out the best in me.”

I take a long sip of my milkshake. “Anyway, the bottom line is Skye, how does this boy make you feel?”

Oh, we’re back to this again now.

I remove my hand. It’s kind of weird discussing Rory with Michael. “He makes me feel…” different descriptions pop into my head, but there’s only one word I can use to describe how Rory makes me feel.

“He makes me feel cared for. He’s not just a person I admire, he’s like a best friend.”

Michael is watching me carefully. “What are you so afraid of Skye? Is it the fear of getting hurt? Because you will get hurt, we all do in some way. If Rory was to disappear right now, would you be okay with that?”

No. I don’t think I could cope. I need him.

I take another sip of my drink and then I’m struck with a painful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’m sent into a coughing fit and Michael pats my back gently, as I recover.

“Are you ok?”

“No. That’s the thing. I’m not okay and if I didn’t love Rory, I wouldn’t be feeling like my whole world is ending. I didn’t realize before… or maybe I did, but I – I think I might love him.”

“That’s great! Tell him how you feel then!” Michael says, excitedly.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because even though I love him, I need to let him go.”

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