Dear Future me

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Octavia, a girl who went through an almost unbearable amount of trauma growing up, decides it is time to let go of her past and change her life around for the better. From that moment on, she makes her life a journal every day to her future self. In order to document all the hard work she puts herself through. On her journey to find happiness, there is only one bump in the road that threatens to step in her way of finding happiness in herself. A boy. A boy unlike any other, with a soft and gentleness to his touch she's never felt before. Will Octavia let herself fall and put her happiness at a risk? Or will she run while she can and forever question herself?

Drama / Romance
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Dear future self,

I hope you have the chance to read this one day, I know you're struggling quite a bit right now. Things never seem to get easy, do they?

Hopefully, and by that I mean I really hope, that things are different for you now. I mean, not right now of course since I'm currently writing this... But in the moment you read this, I hope things have changed quite a bit.

Do you remember that day you finally stood up for yourself? When you went off on the world and said you will do this? That things are going to be different. That you will be different... Well, if you do, that day was today. I am going to write our little adventure and tell the story to you as time passes by. So you remember your journey, and how you got to where you are when you read this.

If you ever do read this, I am proud of you.


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