Shattered ones

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A short story inspired by the song Shattered by Trading Yesterday

Gabriel Garcia
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Shattered ones

(inspired by the song Shattered by Trading Yesterday).

I see only darkness. An endless void of nothing. I feel myself drifting further away. Then, visions of my past emerge. My first home run. My first dance. Going to see my grandparents, all of them flood my mind. They fill me with such happiness and comfort. Suddenly a new vision comes, one of a white building and then, just as sudden, a white light flashes before me. Its sight nearly blinds me, but I erases the darkness, along with my memories. As the light fades away, my eyes begin to adjust. My vision is foggy, but as they become more clear, I feel a slight pain on my chest. I turn my head and I see a figure over me in what appears to be a white uniform. Looking over my shoulder, I see another figured dressed the same. I try to listen, but my hearing was still fuzzy. Then the pain becomes more apparent and as I glance down, I see red on my chest. Lots of red. The shock wakes up my senses and My vision finally returns.

Now I could see that I was in a white room, on a bench with only white pants, with two doctors cutting into my chest. They acted as if I was not awake and continued with what they were doing.

“This is wrong,” said one doctor. The voice sounded feminine and her smell reminded me of my mother.

“I knew this would happen. You became attached to it. He’s a clone, not a person.” This came from the doctor who was cutting into my chest. His remarked also reminded me of someone familiar; my dad. As my eyes look around the room, one thing catches my attention. To my left behind the male doctor was another body, but this one looked like me. He had the same brown hair, green eyes, tan skin and a cut over his eye from a accident long ago. Then, from the comer of my eye, I see a bar code on it reading SUBJECT 1. My eyes grew wide at the realization. That body on the table across from me was the original, and I was the clone. Questions rush through my mind. Why is this happening? Whats going on? Where am I? All these thoughts flooded my brain and before I could react, the male doctor continues cutting into my chest. Feeling my skin tear from the knife, I scream in pain. My sudden outburst alerted the two doctors that I was awake. Fearful, one of the leaves the table and opens a door calling for security. Meanwhile, the other tires to put my back to sleep. Reaching over, he grabs a mask filled with anesthetic and tires to put over my mouth. I struggle with him, the pain giving me a sense of adrenaline.

As my hand reaches up to his face, I pull down his surgical mask and expose a horrific sight. The man was my father, or who I believed was my father. Tears begin to form, but they were soon replaced by anger as I lunge at him. Losing his footing, he stumbles backwards and lands on the floor, my body landing on the hand with the scalpel. We both land with a thud and I feel the blade enter my chest. Its cold steel sliding between my ribs. I groan in pain and I struggle to get back up. Using the table, I prop myself up and slowly pull the blade out of me. I felt a sharp pain and then blood oozes out. Placing my hand over the wound, I weakly push my way past the other doctor. Just then, I smell another familiar scent, one of cool breezes and salty air. The ocean.

I look over my shoulder and I see two armed guards making their way towards me. Losing blood fast, I run down the narrow hallway and try to find a way out. Right and left, I find myself lost and going in circles. Then I hear the faint sound of waves crashing across the shore. Not knowing which way to go and the guards getting closer, down the right corridor as quickly as I could. As I got closer, I feel cold and knew that I was losing too blood fast. To my miracle, I see and exit sign and burst through the doors.

Outside, I saw the grey sky and felt the grass under my feet. All around me trees, more buildings and a view of the ocean “There he is,” said a voice from behind. The guards managed to catch up. With my last bit of strength, I run to the ocean. The breeze brushes past my face and as I thought I would be safe, I quickly stop myself. Two inches away from my feet was a massive drop with jagged rocks at the bottom and the ocean. I was on a the side of a cliff. Two ideas ran through my head. I either die on the rocks or die here. Taking my chances, and danger close behind, I said my prayers and accepted my fate. Jumping off, I fell to my inevitable doom and I again was greeted with darkness.

I do not know how long I was out but by some miracle I had survived. I awoke on an unknown shore with the ocean crashing against me. I get up on my knees and look down at my chest. The wounds were still present, so I was not out of the woods yet. Centering myself, I try to remember what had happen before. Sadly all I could remember were fragmented images. What I did remember was that the life I knew didn't really exist.

And I was a clone. “All is lost,” I told myself. I wanted my life to end, but I needed answers. Answer to why I was made and for what. I then told myself that as long as I lived hope remains and I would find the place where I belong.

All I had to do was stand up and take the first step.

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