The Need for a Wedding Dress

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Megan was just your typical high school girl untill her dad makes a deal.

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Chapter 1

The school bell promptly rang at 3:30 as per usual, announcing the end of the school day. I personally am excited, not just because it's Friday, but because this evening me and my best friend Ava are going to have a totally cool sleepover. I know, I know sleepovers are for little kids. Little kids as in elementary schoolers or middle schoolers, even obnoxious freshmen, but I'm going to have one anyways. And yes, we will be playing viedo games and painting our nails, and maybe Ava will talk about boys, but like, eww.

I quickly gather my things and head for the door of the classroom, tasting the freedom on my lips. Who doesn't like Fridays?

As I make it to the hallways, pushing through all of the other excited high schoolers, I begin to look for Ava. I did tell her I would meet her in the parking lot and we can ride together to my house, but her hair is bright red, and I love my best friend, so what's the harm in chatting as we walk there?

"Yo, freckles,"I try to ignore my childhood nickname, "You dropped this."

I slowly go through the catalog of all the things I could have possibly dropped in my head and find nothing missing, but i turn around anyways. Then I recognize the person, "What do you want Chad?" I snap.

"Woah, freckles, you know we've always been friends and-"

I cut Chad off asking, "How are we friends? I doubt you even know my name." I turn to leave.

"Wait, I do know your name, it's Martha."

I laugh, "uh huh, no, it's not. My name is Megan." I roll my eyes and begin to walk off again.

"Uh, I'm close enough," he fires back as even his friends laugh at him.

"No, your really not. Come to think of it, I think you dropped something. Your brain" I say as I finally escape, back on track to my locker and to my sleep over. Sure my comment was something a ten year old would say, but who cares, I can be ten in my head if I want, and Chad, well Chad is ten in his head.

Additionallly Chad is... Well... I just don't seem to have a nice word to describe him. He's picked on me since second grade when I got tan one time and had quite a few freckles which I thought were cute untill he bullyed me about them. I was quite proud of that tan too, you see, being as white as I am, you pretty much get two shades- white, and slightly less white- unless you really put in the effort and persevere for that tan. Hey, it's not my fault I was born a blonde. But despite the cliches, I am not dumb.

I arrive at my locker and put my books in it, "Hey there bestie." Ava says and I turn and see her looking in Chad's direction.

I laugh, "what happened to meeting at the car?"

"Eh, I saw you over here and isn't it so fun to walk to the car together."

"That's what I was saying." I close the door to the locker, and grab my bag, "Ready?". She's still looking in the direction of Chad, "Eww, please tell me that's not it, he's gross."

"No, it's just I'm not used to seeing him without Ethan." She almost sighs. And I roll my eyes. I mean, I love her to death but, Ethan again. That's all she ever seems to talk about. Ethan graduated last year, and despite never having any classes together Ava has had a huge crush on him since elementary school. That's gotta be unhealthy.

"Well I mean they are best friends." I mention as if she doesn't already know this. If she could I'm certain she would count all the dark brown hairs on Ethan's head so she could know just a little more about him.

"Yeah, but they are also brothers. Do you see the resemblance?"

"Stop," I try to push her towards the door, "You're drooling."

"I am not," She claims, allowing me to pull her along, "Besides, they are hot."

I roll my eyes at that one. Chad is just plain stupid and Ethan, well I mean I guess I can see the resemblance, not that Ethan is stupid, but that they both have the same dark brown hair and are about the same height and build, except that Chad has packed more muscle because instead of doing businessy stuff for school, he plays football. What a gross sport.

We get to the car and I open the passenger side. I took the bus this morning because Ava likes to drive more then I do. If anything, driving scares me.

"So what's the plan for tonight?" Ava asks.

"Ummm, I don't know, my dad said we could order pizza and we could make popcorn and watch that one movie you wanted to watch on Netflix last time."

"That all sounds fun, but would you consider going to a party?" Ava says with a dangerous glint in her eyes

"Uh, is that even a good idea I mean... could w-"

"It'd be a great idea, and your dad would totally let us go, Jenifer's parents are out of town and she said it will be big and there will be lots of other people and I don't know, but Jenifer personally invited me in English today."

"Oh, I hate English class."

She laughs, "Me too, but that's changing the topic."

"Well do we even have the right things to wear?"

"She said to wear whatever."

"Okay, if my dad says we can, but why do you actually want to go."

She's looks away in embarrassment, "I just want to, we haven't ever gone to a party. We only have half a year of high school left, we gotta live it up."

"It doesn't have anything to do with her being Ethan's girlfriend so we would go there so you could drool over Ethan, right?"

"No, I'm so over him now, that was so five minutes ago."

I smile knowing it will take a lot for Ava to get over Ethan and the conversation goes quiet for the rest of the ride to my house.

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