The Need for a Wedding Dress

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Chapter Two

We promptly arrived at my house, walked in and took our shoes off at the frount door.

"No, no, I am not asking him." I said to Ava, "If you want to go then you have to ask."

Ava rolls her eyes, "Ugh. Why? I just- ugh. He's scary."

I laugh, as we set our begs down and walk towards the kitchen, "Hmm, maybe he's not even home yet." I say looking in the study as we walk by.

We see my dad sitting by himself at his desk almost silently studying some papers. Ava then glares and pushes me while whispering, "You ask."

"No you want to go." I shove her back.

She dramatically falls on the floor and my dad looks up when he hears the thump. "Oh hi kids." He says.

I really study my dad this time, seeing the shadows under his eyes and how he has gotten thinner, his gray hairline slowly declining. I have been worried about him ever since my mom's death but I guess I haven't worried quite enough. He looked terrible, and that makes me feel kinda bad.

Ava gets up from the floor and says, "Hi, Mr. Bradley, how was your day?" She asks.

"Not bad," my dad let's out a quick smile, "Megan that wasn't nice of you to push her on the floor."

"She started it." I defended myself sheepishly.

"Mmmhmm, right. What are you kids up to tonight?" He asks changing the subject,

"Well, we were going to make some-"

"Can we go to a party?" Ava cuts me off and my eyes widen at the bluntness of her question.

"You guys, go to a party?" My dad laughs, "A real party with other people. And food and drinks and games?" He continues to laugh, while Ava and I share a glance, "Oh you guys are serious?" And he begins to laugh again.

After about a minute of this he finally clears his throat and says, "I suppose this will be fine. Who's house is it at, and who all will be there, and what time do you plan on being back by? Also, who's the designated driver?"

"Ummm." Ava starts trying to come up with answers that my father would find agreeable.

So I decide to cut in and answer truthfully hoping my father would find something disagreeable and forbid us from going. "It's going to be at Jenifer's house and ummm some college freshmen will be there and probably some beer and uh we probably won't be back till three in the morning and uh we-"

"But we won't drink, so we won't need a driver." Ava cuts in, "And the college freshmen will mostly be people we know because they went to our school and honestly the only game might be Mario Cart."

My dad laughs, "So that the cool thing to play theses days?" He obviously knows that Ava was lying through her teeth but he doesn't seem to care.

"Yeah it is, uh gotta get the high score, you know." Ava says.

"Okay well you guys have fun, and maybe try to be back before three." Dad says.

Great now I get to go to this awful party, and I still don't have anything to wear. Ava squeals and runs up the stairs to my room to see the options in my closet, and I begin to follow her until my dad says, "Oh Megan, make sure to clear your schedule tomorrow, we have a meeting with some potential clients. Also if there is a college boy named Ethan there I recommend you get to know him."

I frown and ask, "What?"

He looks at me and says, "Actually nevermind. I guess I can probably reschedule."

At this point I'm super confused, but I do know that my dad and I are struggling financially so I say, "No you don't need to, tommorow should be fine."

He gives me a stressed smile and I finally walk up the stairs wondering why I would possibly need to be present at a work meeting of his.

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