The Need for a Wedding Dress

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Chapter Three

"Okay, Pink or Yellow?" Ava asks.

I look at her holding up two extremely tacky dresses, "Ummm, do I have to choose one?"

"They aren't for you, silly, it's for which one I should wear."

"Ummm, do I have to choose one?"

She looks at the two dresses again and says, "Your right, neither of these are good options..."

"Yeah." I go back into my walk in closet and look at Ava and then the dresses, "How about this one?" I ask her as I pull out a lower cut Navy and white dress.

Ava looks at it and her eyes slightly light up, "Oh that one is perfect."

I smile proud that I found a dress that even Ava would like in my closet, then toss the baby dress at Ava, and put on the red dress I decided to wear.

After about 30 minutes on make up and a 15 mile car ride, we pull up to Jenifer's house.

"Wow, it's big." Ava says, "Your house is like a mansion, but Jenifer's is just wow."

We both take a couple moments to laugh, before Ava opens the car door and gets out; that's when I decide to panic.

Like, what am I doing at this party? I'm not going to know anyone, and I'm awful at making friends and I... I never wear dresses. I close my eyes for a second and am startled by someone trying to open the car door.

"Stop it Ava. I'm gathering my courage for this stupid party." I open my eyes and see Ava but Ava wasn't the one who opened the door.

My eyes widen and I gulp in some air, "I, uhh - sorry. Ethan right?"

Ethan grins and says, "Yeah. Thought you looked kinda funny just sitting in the car by yourself. Figured I, uhhh, well I- it might be nice to open it for you."

"Great." I say still internally panicking.

"Yeah, I'll, uhh, see you insid- sorry, might see you in side."

He begins to walk off and when he was about five feet away I say, "Great." And nothing happens because he probably did not hear me. At least, I hope he didn't hear me. I mean, I know I'm bad at social situations but that was awful, as in worse then I usually do, and Ava. She's- wait where did she go?

I quickly get out of the car and walk in the house where the music is already playing close to full volume. One thing is on my mind: find Ava.

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