The Need for a Wedding Dress

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Chapter Four

I enter the house through the really tall frount door into a huge entery hallway. If this is any indication of anything, I'm never going to find Ava. The Hallways is gigantic and the room after the hallway looks about 10 times bigger.

I take off my shoes then walk through the hall taking in all the of the kids doing various things all over the place. For example Ted from my chem class was hardcore flirting with a brunette I did not even recognize, and a couple was making out in the corner. Ewww. I've got to find Ava.

I make my way to the kitchen. Hoping for Ava or at least food or maybe anyone I recognize. Actually make that a cat. I really hope there is a cat in the kitchen. That could be a social escape.

I was looking at the ground for a cat or at this point I'd even take a dog when I hear, "Oh look who it is, I'd never think I'd see you here at this party."

I look up and see the person was no one other then Jenifer, the party's host and most popular girl in the school.

"Oh hi, my name's Megan." I say introducing myself.

She scoffs, "Yeah, I already new that." She look away and calls into the other room, "Ava come meet another guest."

Yes, Ava. I silently celebrate. I didn't even have to look that hard for her.

"Megan," Ava says, "I was looking for you. How come it took you so long to get out if the car?"

"Umm, the door was jammed." Sure that might have been a tiny white lie but, I can't let her think I'm so lame. She already thinks I'm lame enough.

"Hmm," Ava says, "I have been meaning to get that fixed... Did you have to crawl over and get out through a different door?"

"I, uh, didn't think of that." I reply.

"This is great and all, and Megan it was nice to meet you, I think there's some Mario Cart happening down stairs. My siblings might be playing it. I told them to stay down there and I figure that might be more your style so your more then welcome to show yourself down. The basement door is on your left as you walk in." I frown slightly at the thought that Jenifer thinks I like Mario Cart. I suck at Mario Cart and all video games in general. Who likes things they suck at?

But another thing to think about is, if I go downstairs I can just chum it up with the household pets and wait for Ava to finish up with this awful claustrophobic party.

I must have been quiet for a while because Jenifer looks at me as if I'll reply then realizes I'm not goin to and continues, "... Anyways, uhhh," She turns to Ava attempting to cut me out of the circle, "Ava, what's your favorite party game?"

"Uhh. I'm not sure."

Ava and Jenifer's conversation continues on for a little while and I just stand behind them half in the circle and half out, halfway listening to their pointless words.

The conversation between them must have died down a bit because Jenifer moved to flag down a different guest, "Hey, babe come here. You gotta meet my new friend."

I look at who she's talking to, knowing full well she is dating Ethan. I kinda wondered for a second what Ava thinks of that, but oh well.

"Oh hi." A more masculine voice mixes into the conversation.

Ethan comes up kinda behind Jenifer and wraps his arm around her back in a dating move, maybe, can you call it that?

"I think I've meet her before, Megan right?" I look at him almost startled to be included in the convo.

"Megan?" Jenifer looks around, "Oh you mean Ava's friend. I mean go ahead and meet her but shes, I mean she hasn't really," Jenifer looks at Ethan seeing him looking at her with some confusion, "well she hasn't really been like much company, but what do I expect. It's not like she's much to look at or interesting at all." Jenifer must have realized she took it a little too far because Ethan tensed and dropped her from their 'dateing move'.

"That's kinda rude." He replys and they talk like I'm not standing in front of them, but what would Jenifer know, I'm not fragile, so her words won't get to me. Well they won't get to me in front of her. I do think it's kinda odd for Ethan to stand up for me though. No one stands up to Jenifer, at least not that I know of...

"Hun," Ethan says as I decide to listen again, "Your just insensitive."

"Oh, I'm the insensitive one. Remember when that one girl was crying. You didn't do anything I did." Jenifer fires back.

"Fine, not completely insensitive but insensitive to people you find below yourself."

"I do not find Megan below myself."


"No your the liar, and if your gonna say these things we are over." Jenifer says.

I look away from the bickering and shoot Ava a confused look. What is wrong with these people, they just need to talk out their problems, civilly. Emphasize the civilly part.

Ava looks back at me and I know she's trying to hold in a scream but I mean, Ava has liked Ethan for so long, it's no wonder she's somewhat excited at the prospect of him being single again.

"Oh come on, babe, listen to yourself. I'm trying to help you."

Jenifer gives him a super betrayed look, "I don't need your help. Bye Ethan!" Jenifer grabs Ava's arm and very ungracefully begins to storm off. I winced when she ran into the chair. If it were me, my toe would have been injured...

I look around suddenly realizing everyone I know here (Ava) has left me, I guess I could have followed, but I've gotta be in the mood to deal with crazy people. I look around for an exit or at least a corner, but hear sniffing behind me.

I turn around seeing Ethan, a very tall dude crying. Great, just great...

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