'The expected' over an 'Unexpected'.

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Palvit. A boy struggling in his life to be a millionaire on one hand and in the other hand he needs to suppress his feeling towards a girl to be a millionaire. But life does not go in the way he wants. What do you think.. Will he manage to be successful by not falling in love?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

It is a sunny morning of summer season.

Oh God! I don’t understand why my dad always wants to yell on me.

“It is not time yet for our King to wake up right? Why do you even bother.. I am there to work hard and earn for you people”.

‘I’m still a 16 years old kid. It’s not right age for me to handle responsibilities’. I whispered myself in anger.

Of course he is my dad. I am not dared to give him back answers ugh. I pretended to be slept until dad left for work.

I belong to a higher middle class family of four members. Mom is a house wife, my younger sister was about to join ninth standard after her summer holidays and dad is a Carpenter. I have completed my last exam of schooling and eagerly waiting for my results. I am damn excited about my college life now.

Well I got no time to relax. Today the results will be announced exactly at 3pm on official websites. It was a public exam. Everyone was so worried. Ugh my relatives are more worried than my parents, I guess. Anyways I am worried more,it’s my result.

Soon dad left for work. Finally I got freedom to wake-up.

“Can’t you wake-up early before your dad at-least a day? Same picture everyday..”

“For God’s sake, stay quiet mom! Dad went, now you are starting to ruin my day”. I shouted at my mom.

“I’ll speak to you evening., after your results are out”. Mom said with big angry eyes.

I did not wanted to say anything now. I’m already worried, instead of consoling me she is giving me more headache. I sat on the couch thinking of my result. My head was about to explode, I have so much tensions stored in my head. I wanted to be, not worried. I have done my exams well, I am confident about that. Why am I still feeling like a cat with burnt tail, I don’t understand.

I decided to meet my gang and play cricket for sometime. I have a close friend and best as well. Himself Charan. We live in the same street and so, yes family friends too.

Coming to our friends circle, they are the same friends since kindergarten. Basically all of us meet in the playground of our school or Charan’s home. I wanted to make my head tension free. I even forgot my hunger.

“Where the hell are you going even without having breakfast?”

“Mom please leave me alone today. I am worried”. My mom’s worry was I may run away because of exam tensions.

“Come back home soon, before your dad’s arrival OK?”

“Ya mom I’ll come. Don’t worry”.

I left to Charan's home.

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