Jail Boys

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"Everyone has story to tell, how'd I end up here?, hell it was bound to happen."-Jasper Monroe. "I don't belong here! I'm innocent, is it because I'm black huh?!"-Danny Williams. "I'll do it again, I'll never regret what I did." -Reggie Conner. "No one cares, life a game and I'll win it, I'll beat death!" Chen Boomer. "According to you sir, I broke the law. According to your wife I rocked her world"-Alex Kahn. ...... find out there stories, find out there friendship.

Drama / Thriller
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Jasper Monroe

Officer : State your name and year.
Jasper: Jasper Monroe, 2020
Officer: born and raised?
Jasper: May 16, 1999 Chicago Illinois.
Officer: sentence?
Jasper: 25 years to life.
Officer: Race?
Jasper: Black
Officer: Height?
Jasper: 6’5
Officer: Hair?
Jasper: Brown
Officer: eyes?
Jasper: lightbrown
Officer: Alright that all, there gonna be a reporter coming in the interview you, Keep your hands on the table at all times and remember, we are watching.
Jasper: *chuckle* Scared?
Officer: *smirks* Nope, just worried for the safety of a fellow citizen from a criminal.
Jasper: *sighs* hurry up, I’m missin lunch

Mr.Mason: Whenever your ready, from the beginning..
Jasper: 2014..
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