The Life I Concurred

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My Life Was Never Planned The Way it Continue To Go . It Was Just The Life I Concurred . Love is Strong I never knew how much it will hurt . No matter how good the relationship is on the outside. You never know what’s going on in the inside. Friends anit loyal. Test them hoes. Cause them bitches will stab you in your back before you know it. Keep your private life,and social life separate. If you don’t you’ll have problems like me. JEALOUSY,ANGER,TRUST ISSUES

Drama / Romance
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Moving In

It’s been 10 months & I finally moved in with the Love of my life. We both had our babies on the same year. We both was there with each other every step of the way. She was my bestfriend, couldn’t nobody take her away from me. As I believed .

My baby Girl & Step Son Is 5 Months Now. There Names Are Ja’Liyah and Jayden. She had another child She was going on 3 years old name Brooklyn. We made an empire. A Family That had a Strong Bond. She always Cooked Good Meals. I never knew how to cook, but I knew how to Clean. She Was the one bringing in the Money Cause I didn’t have a Job at the time. I Was 18 Years Old and she was 20. She Really took Good Care Of Me and My babygirl. Fuck A Baby Daddy they anit Shit .

I had gotten my first job at subway. We was finally getting things our family deserved. We didn’t have a car , we always rode the city Bus. She ended up getting an job at the hospital for housekeeping. Things was coming in Good For Us. Me and her was laying down cuddled up watching tv when we heard a knock at the door. It was my Auntie Coming to tell me My Grandma (My World,My Joy) just passed Away.

I didn’t Believe her Cause my Grandma Been In my life For years. She was the one who knew I was pregnant before I did. I never thought my grandma would leave me because she loved Jesus to much. She always tells me what Jesus tell her about Me. She was my Living Gardian Angel. I didn’t believe Until I seen it with my Own eyes.
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