The Life I Concurred

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Brain Fried

A lot of people don’t know how fucked up i am. They don’t understand. Only thing they see is a women who got goals WHICH I do have goals. I plan on getting somewhere more financial. I wanna get my GED & keep going until I reach my goal on being a Nurse I Had good Plans. I was just worried who was gone continue to stay on my journey with me.

I felt like I just had it all, When I moved in with my Girlfriend. I Felted like we was gone Last Forever. As in We don’t see nobody else but each other. We don’t make nobody else smile like we do each other Or Please Nobody else like we do each other. I had to be grown & stop living that teenage life when I turned 21 It’s like life flashed before my eyes I’m not that teenage girl nomore. I’m not out on the streets being with this person that person I’m finally with somebody who loves me. who Cares. Who makes me Smile so big and bright. Who makes me feel better about the gap in my teeth, about the natural rough hair I try so hard to treat, about the way my body weight goes up and down she says she still loves it. And I believes every word.

But some things changed ...

I started hanging around with my cousins.. we was the three amigos. We got drunk, went to parties, did everything together. They was my only 2 close cousins I had. I was having trouble with my girlfriend back at home. I felted unloved, I felted used I haven’t had sex with her .. it was like I was loosing my bestfriend. She got a friend that she always be with so I decided to be out even more that I got addicted to it cause I stay at home 24/7. I was enjoying the fact I was being out and enjoying the fun

I started feeling myself change more and more. To the point where I just said fuck it I’m gone do me. Cause I felted like she was feeling the same. As I started going down my wild path I had a birthday on the way & My girlfriend threw me a party and I enjoyed myself. It was never a birthday of mines that I didn’t appreciate anything she had done for me cause I always get everything on every birthday but I tell her not too cause I know when hers come around I do what I can.

My birthday finally Approached Oct 4 ... she made sure I had everything I said I would like to get but I told her she didn’t have to buy. Knowing her she didn’t give a fuck she just wanted to see a smile. I got so drunk I know I throw up all that night and she was right there I was getting on her nerves saying “BAEEEEE” “ HELP MEE” FUCK IM NOT GETTING DRUNK NOMORE”” BAEEEEE” She said BIAUNCA CALL MY NAME AGAIN -I started laughing like damn I’m throwing up shoo but she bathed me up and I was sleeping good naked as fuck

After a while I started getting wilder. I started conversating with an ex and short story ends we ended up doing other shit we wasn’t suppose to cause as YALL know I’m in a relationship so BOOM after 2-3 weeks later I hear my girlfriend saying some about me cheating like she know for sure I cheated I lie thinking that she wants me to tell the truth but I’m thinking she just wanna know. I go along with the lie until she says “I already know stop lying” so therefore I calls my cousin letting them know somebody done ratted on me for doing my bald head hoe shit. So we talking bout it and to remind you 2 cousins the only one who knows so therefore I know they ANIT gone change on me. Theyre names was Zyy & Stasia. My close cousins.

Let me remind you that in my summary I didn’t say TRUST NO ONE CAUSE THEY WILL STAB U IN THE BACK for nothing ITS A TRUE STORY .

So me and my cousins laughing cause I done got caught up and stuff but I’m really in my feelings cause who would be worried about me shit ion bother nobody shit I ANIT did shit to nobody beefing with nobody so it seemed odd. So I’m steady on the phone with them meanwhile I’m still arguing to my girlfriend about the situation. So after a min I ended up telling the truth about the situation and boom she was so hurt. I felted badder then I already felted. Like damn you can’t pay attention to me when I need you and now u know what I did u wanna feel hurt but u was never here to hear me out.

She always told me to stay away from my cousins cause they was gone get me in some shit but I grew up with them why would I change up on blood.

I see screenshots of my own page and my girlfriend been reading my every message my every move. So I was already fucked. So I tells them Ima call them back and ended up trynna call my girlfriend after I broke the news telling her I was sorry for the cheating she didn’t wanna hear it. So I call Zyy and ask her to call my ex bestfriend to see wtf dude telling ppl the bestfriend didn’t know shit so me and zyy conversate for a min and I tell her I’ll call her later and I went to sleep.

Now the next chapter gone fuck YALL up like it fucked me up cause how the fuck your own blood change on you over some shit that didn’t have shit to do with you.

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