The Life I Concurred

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My world, My Joy

We Finally Get to my Grandmother’s House and I see Sooo Many Cars. I tensed up and gotten nervous because My grandmother don’t like everybody in her house so I start to feel a tear go down my face.

I runs in the house and head straight to the back room where she’s always at. But before I could proceed, My mother Stops me. I tells her I just wanna go see cause I don’t believe it. As I go on to the back I see Cain Her pet dog. He was still in the same spot where she was when she passed. Even the dog sensed something wrong. I goes in her room where she sleeps and just stands there. In Disbelief I couldn’t believe my Grandmother (My World, My Joy)
Had lefted me.

She just lefted without saying goodbye. As I sit on the bed I hear my brother and sister running up the hallway. We all in shock as we finally realized it’s true. Our grandma who had showed us how to clean, tried to show us pieces of how to cook,even though I still was lost I know how to do simple stuff but I loved watching her cook, I loved smelling her good food seasoning. She was our mean, Outspoken, loving , beautiful grandmother. We loved her just the way she was.
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