The Life I Concurred

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My World, My joy

As we sit in the room n cry our eyes out. Our mother comes in and hug us. She told us to come in with everybody else so that we wouldn’t be so depressed alone. We heads back in the living room with the rest of the family where everybody tells stories and good times about my grandmother.

I couldn’t hear nomore because I just couldn’t handle the fact my grandmother was gone. I just couldn’t take it. So I goes and sit myself outside. A couple days later the funeral aprroched. All my family and some of my grandmother church members gathered together to say our final goodbyes. My mother was so weak and couldn’t be strong enough to handle a difficult time. They song good songs and said good things. My Auntie took the stand and told my mother her only simbling sister that she loved her so much and she’s always gonna be there for her and her nieces and nephew. Which is Me and my 2 sisters and brother. She stays in Texas but she always does things for us if we ask for it.

It was time to open the casket. My mother walks away she didn’t wanna see my grandmother cause she was the one who found her lifeless body. My father runs behind her and comfort her. Even though they both married to somebody elSe he still was there for her. As they open the casket tears fled quickly I hold my brother and sisters as we cries together thinking why god take such a soul that was loyal to him so soon. She didn’t even spend much time as she did with us with my now 1 year old child. It was time to view the body and I gotten weak in the knees. I walked slowly and just couldn’t believe the person I was seeing in this casket was my grandmother. My Mother didn’t wanna view the body. But everybody kepted telling her she had to, to find peace. She finally views the body but almost fell out. It broke my heart to see my mother so down and hurt.

After the funeral didn’t nobody eat besides the visitors. My family was torn into pieces. We lost a big part of our hearts. We hugged and kisses each other letting each other know that we are strong it was just her Time.
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