The Life I Concurred

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Fifth Floor

I goes home depressed, mad at the world crying. My girlfriend holds me and comforts me through it all. She was always there for me. I loved her so much for that she was my everything.

A Month Later, we starts Arguing and fighting at this time I have gotten more and more depressed. I started cutting on my legs, and arms. It was the only comfort I had to maintain myself. One day we started fighting and got into an heated argument. It was 3 days before my birthday and she yelled and told me my birthday was gone be hell. It was gone be my 20th birthday and I couldn’t wait knowing that she spoiled me I gotten upset about her remark ,I went to the bathroom as she follows behind me and just starts slicing my arm close to my vain. She calls my mother and she quickly comes over. She asks me am I okay I lie and tells her yes and she looks at my arm and takes me to the hospital. I told her I didn’t wanna go but she made me. She gets my daughter and we heads to the hospital. As 45 minutes of being seen they tells my mother I was so close to my vain I could have been in servire injuries and that they want to admit me on the fifth floor. That’s where all the suicidal and crazy people are, I kiss my babygirl and text my girlfriend and tell her the news. She was devestaed.

I goes on the fifth floor and I immediately gets nerveous I wanna go home. I gotten more and more depressed as I sit in the waiting room. Thinking about my daughter and my family I lefted back home. I had to take everything off and put on a scrub. I was taken to the room that I was going to be sleeping in and watched over. I see other girls same age as me 19 and up in other rooms. Some in there for the same reason some just plain crazy.
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