The Life I Concurred

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Another Lost

It’s Friday a day after my birthday. Yes I stayed in that bullshitting place on my birthday. They song happy birthday to me and Gave me gifts. I appreciated it but I just wanted my family.

I didn’t wanna celebrate it I had my head down until we started playing a game called hangman. As they start guessing the letters I ended up hearing my name and looked up everybody looking at me telling me happy birthday. I say thank you and I get a birthday cake but I’m still not happy I want my family.Fuck allat I wanna go home. I say I’m my head. So I get a visit with the doctors again. They tells me I’m schizophrenia, whatever the fuck that means. They say I have different personalities. But I know I’m not crazy but they said I can go home, not today, tomorrow. I still didn’t give a fuck I still was going home.

I was waiting for the day to be over when I got a visit from a cps woman. She says my child was seen at the hospital yesterday and that she had a fractured rib in her body. I never harmed my baby Girl so I’m not following immediately on why she’s here. She tells me cps took custody from me, and put her into custody with my mother. I immediately gets upset and wonder why would I harm my child. She’s premature she trynna walk at the age of 1, she might have fallen a couple times but she never been harmed.

She tells me when I get out tomorrow, I would have to go to court. I say okay and I go to my room. I sat up all that night wondering why cps want to take my only child, my first child. I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up until I seen day time arrive. When it finally arrived I was waiting for them to call my name. They said I couldn’t leave until someone came and picked me up. The first person I called was my girlfriend. She was right on time. When I walked out the double doors. I ran and hugged her so tightly. I missed her so much. She smelled so good. I was so happy she waited on me. She’s my soulmate.
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