The Life I Concurred

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Child Protective Services

We’re in court and I finally see my baby girl happy as ever. She playing with me and my girlfriend. Kissing us, just happy to see us.

It was time for me to talk to my lawyer, and he reads to me what was my case about. Basically how I see it they was trynna say I was unfit, but I know for a fact I wasn’t I was trynna be the best I can be. To me they was looking at money in my child, I gotta trick for everybody cause I’m getting Ja’Liyah back whatever it takes. They finally calls us to go in with the judge so I held her through the double doors. I goes in and sees my mother and sister. On the side in the chairs. I stands by my lawyer, and puts my hand up. I’m lost don’t know what to say because I never been through this before.

Afterwards they gave me another court date. I can’t get my child again. I got an case worker. They ordered me and my girlfriend since she’s gone be around her parenting classes for 6 weeks. I was thinking like damn that’s to long bru. So I started parenting classes. As I was doing that they came up with who’s the father type shit. My mother think she knows everything she already had the dude she thought was the father.

See me before I turned lesbian, I had multiple sex partners. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 5 months. By then me and my girlfriend was together for bout 3 or 4 months. She thought I had cheated on her, and I know I didn’t. But before we gotten together we had spouses. We lefted our spouses to be with each other. I had a boyfriend, she had a girlfriend. It was suppose to be a sneaky link. It wasn’t suppose to be history type shit. But god had other plans. He sunt me somebody that cared for me, and loved me for me, not just for what I had between my legs. I lived from motel to motel so why does she have feelings for me I thought , we had our first sex act in a front seat of her car. I sat on her face while she made love to my pussy. I never had feelings like this before. She had my mind and soul at that very moment.

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