The Life I Concurred

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Unfortunately, it came back negative. I didn’t give a fuck. My girlfriend had that spot. We planned on taken care of all 3 ourselves anyway. We was a pact, a family.

Things started to come out good. We got our baby from cps. We started being to ourselves. The love this women and the affection she has on me is so strong. I’ll do anything for her. Our kids slowly starting to grow. We sit and enjoy every moment. We say things like I never thought we would still be together after the amount of years we been together. I really never thought it either it was so surprisingly that I’ll be spending the rest of my life with a women. But our love gotten so deep, we would make love so good and loving. She would passionately make love to my whole body,and I would passionately make love to hers.

My family could never get along with her, because she speak her mind. I couldn’t blame her for it. She’s grown it’s her progitive to do so. Me and her family get along great. It just hurt me that mines can’t do the same. But I anit trippen as long as I keep her happy and she keeps me happy we good.

Things started to slowly change. My girlfriend started chillin with her cousin all the time she would go out every night. I felted lonely and depressed. But I always sat up and waited on her. It was times where she wouldn’t come in until the next morning. I gotten tired of it so I ended up leaving to show her what she’s missing out on. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. Different females started to pop up talking bout they friends and shit. I never was a dummy i didn’t trust that friend shit. This one girl kepted coming around giving her money and shit. They called themselves bestfriends. But I anit believe that shit.

I had a so call friend that wAs untrustworthy too. Fat nasty ass bitch was in my house,taken pictures of her self sending them to my girlfriend. My girlfriend told me. That bitch so fucking dirty she didn’t know I knew. But tried to slick tell me my women was fucking somebody else only because she didn’t wanna fuck her. I approached the situation to my girlfriend. But we had a world war 3. She reacted because it was true. But not only did she fuck the bestfriend, she suppose to been fucked the cousin too. She owned up to one mistake. But I’ll never know the other mistakes she did do. CRAZY HUH

But she tried to slick be in a 3 people relationship. But I told her she can have her. She didn’t want it nomore I’m Already a dummy for putting up with the cheating, now u wanna be in a 3 people relationship too. Hell nahh. U got me extra fucked up. So I decided to plan a 3 some to see if my women was gone fall for it. Apparently she did we had it and then boom we get into it she was happy to tell the world she had it. But what she didn’t know was in my head I wAnted to leave her she was already telling everybody I was a room mate. When I was her girlfriend for almost 3 years. I was devestaded. But guess what I still didn’t cheat.

Love....Love had me looking stupid. Love had me look crazy like I’m so much better then this I don’t have to deal with this the fuck I’m beautiful asdf with a body. I can have a relationship for me with anybody. As I start to be depressed. I start to feel self esteem I just was a dumb Ass bitch who was over her body with a knife one day. I took the medication I’ve gotten from when I was on the 5th floor. I ended up being in my own world after that VIOLENCE started to happen.

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