The Road To Freedom

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This story is about a girl who wants freedom and nothing more than freedom. She is not the richest person in the world but she is doing all that she can to make money so that she can gain her freedom her and her silly excuse of dad is in property and he is very abusive towards her.come along with Dzstini pronounced (Destiny) as she is trying to travel down her road of freedom but that might not be so easy with the trials and tribulations to come will she find love, new friends, or maybe even a new road to go down.we will see maybe she will find the escape she has always been looking for

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Sometimes I just don’t get it. I don’t get what I'm doing wrong even if I do things right he still does what he does to me. Sorry I’m getting ahead of myself I should make a proper introduction shouldn’t I. My name is Dzstini Heaven Jones pronounced (Destiny) and that’s Z and not the E I and not the Y. People would think just because my middle name is Heaven my life would be if not good at least decent. But it is nothing like that and it is nothing that it seems I am 16 and I take care of myself my mom is nowhere to be found and my dad he pretty much treats me like I'm his maid and if I'm not being the maid he is beating me around like a rag doll I pretty much take care if myself and make sure that everything around her is taken care of I am a nice thick brown skin girl I have natural hair and natural everything else I work around the corner at the corner store and I go to school at Timber High School I make straight A’s and I have at least a 3.8 GPA. I’m from Dallas but me and the sad excuse of a dad is now staying in Las Vegas Nevada. We moved here when I was around 11 years old. I never wanted to come here but who cares what I want right. When we left Dallas we left everything behind. I left my best friend Diamond and basically everything I lived for .We only moved to Vegas because my dad thought it would be an easy catch out here. When my dad told me that we were moving away that crushed me more than anything in the world. Ever since then still till this day I don’t know what I live for anymore. Sometimes I sit back and think why did it have to be me that’s in this situation. We barely have enough money to get a simple dinner. I have been trying so hard to make it and it seems like now I am the only one trying my dad has no job he does nothing but sit around drink, smoke, and sleep and on a good day he will leave for a few hours. I go to the little brown church a few blocks away every Sunday morning. I believe that the lord Jesus Christ died for me so in return I am saving myself for marriage. I have no boyfriend because between work, school, and taking care of this bum excuse I don’t have time for boys they have always have tried to get at me but I've always turned them away . Because once again I never have the time so as for now I'm solo dolo I'm working on graduating early and getting a full ride scholarship somewhere far far away from here as possible. I have to go away somewhere really far. I’m ready to go away somewhere really far. I need to go somewhere really far away from here as possible but until then I’m stuck here like glue.

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