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Skinny Wishes: Have you heard the stories about the girls who hate themselves, want to be skinnier, prettier, or just don't feel like they're enough for anyone? I hope you have because it's a reality here on earth. Meet Alli, this is her story. She has a crush on her best friend Andy but, she has it engraved in her head that he'll never like her because she's a fat pig. Even though she was never fat to start. She has it engraved that she only annoys people with her problems and no one actually cares. She has it engraved that people would be happier without her. She had it engraved in her head that loosing weight would make her more beautiful. That skinny is magic. A good idea to start getting skinny for her was workouts and limiting her calories. Except, that good idea didn't last long. She cut out food all together. No matter how much she wanted them to, the thoughts taunted her for years, but she hid them pretending to be fine. (The characters are fictional, the plot line is original)

Drama / Romance
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Andy wrapped his arms around the young blonde's waist. He pulled her closer to him kissing her back. He felt a smirk tug at her lips. Her bright blue eyes lighting up as she reached back and pinched his ass. Andy gasped in surprise but she took her opportunity to slide her tongue into his mouth.

Their tongues danced together in Andy's mouth. They fought for dominance. Andy eventually won as he pushed her up against the wall.

He slid his hand up her shirt, letting his fingertips wander as he kissed her neck. "Andy wait, isn't the school a little too public..?"

"One, it's almost the weekend. Two, we only live once. Three, I want you now... I need you now." Andy kissed her weak spot, biting into it softly. He heard a moan escape from her lips, encouraging him to continue.

He began sucking and licking the spot he bit leaving a hickey. His fingers wandered up to her abdomen and up to her chest, caressing her breast. He pulled away from her neck and reconnected his lips with hers. He kissed her deeply as he slid his free hand down her pants and into her underwear. He teased her clit as he continued to kiss her, still playing with her hardened tit.

Andy removed her shirt and his own, kissing down her chest as her small hands wandered around his torso. He left a trail of kisses down her body until he reached her waistband. He looked up at her questioningly and she nodded, giving him permission to continue.

Andy laid his shirt and jacket on the floor slowly removing her pants and underwear laying her on them. He leaned down flicking his tongue against her clit as he gently inserted two fingers into her.

She moaned softly throwing her head backward. He began thrusting his fingers in and out of her continuing to tease her clit with his tongue.

She moaned again, grabbing his hair. "Fuck Andy, I'm gonna cum already."

He thrusted his fingers faster, flicking his tongue against her clit.

She moaned loudly, cumming hard on his fingers. Her wet pussy clamping down. Andy pulled his fingers out, letting her taste herself as he inserted his tongue into her pussy. He flicked his tongue against her walls tasting her. She tasted like sweet cherries.

They both moaned and he crawled back through her legs, kissing her roughly. He ground his hips against hers. His bulge pressing against her naked pussy. The friction between them caused them both to moan.

She whimpers, "Please baby, I need you." She begs, sending a wave of pleasure through him. He removed the rest of his clothes, his hard cock springing free.

She looked at it in awe, blushing bright red. It was quite big though she didn't know if it would fit in her. "Don't worry baby girl, I'll be gentle," Andy reassured her. She looked him up and down, fear in her eyes. They were both virgins and he had to admit he was a little scared too.

He lined his tip-up with her entrance. He slowly inserted his cock into her. He heard her whimper and he stopped. "Are you okay?"

She looked at him biting her lip. "I'm fine baby, keep going." He hesitated "You'll tell me if I hurt you, right?" She nodded. "Promise."

Andy continued, slowly pushing his cock into her until he couldn't go further. He started thrusting slowly, leaning down and kissing her lovingly.

He went slow letting her adjust to every movement. He didn't want to hurt her. He slowly started increasing his speed, watching her response closely. When she seemed to be comfortable with it, he would start thrusting a little faster.

He heard her moan softly and continued. He thrusted into her quickly but gently, moaning. He caressed her abdomen as he continued sending shivers up her spine. "You okay, baby girl?"

She looked at him and nodded. "Never better." She said, repressing a moan Andy felt more relaxed by this and continued to thrust into her. He reached down, massaging her clit with his thumb.

She moaned. Whispering to herself. "This feels so much better than I thought it would." He leaned down sucking on her nipple as he thrusted into her a little harder.

She moaned loudly. "I'm g-gonna cum baby." He thrusted into her, rubbing her clit. "Go ahead, babe." As if on command, she cummed on his cock.

Andy moaned, thrusting into her harder and faster. He felt the pressure start to build up inside of him and he knew he was going to cum soon.

He thrusted harder, slamming into her She moaned the loudest she had all day. Andy quickly covered her mouth. "Shh baby girl, we don't want to get caught. Do we?" She shook her head.

He removed his hand from her mouth. "I'm going to cum again babe." She says, causing him to smirk. "Me to baby girl, cum with me." He said thrusting into her hard.

"Where do you want me to cum baby girl?" Andy asked, knowing he was close. "Just cum inside me, daddy." As if the beautiful blonde had said the magic words, his cum exploded out of his tip and filled her pussy. "Oh God, I'm cumming baby." She cummed with him, both of them moaning loudly. They didn't even care who heard them anymore.

Andy leaned down and kissed her roughly, pulling his cock out of her. He pulled away, standing up and putting his pants back on. "Baby, I know you don't want to move but we need to get back to class." He said pulling her to her feet, helping her get dressed.

Oh boy, was she sore!

"Alli." Her teacher called out. "Allison Chiles." Alli snapped back to reality as her whole class stared at her. Her face flushed a bright red. Did she really just daydream about that. She looked around before asking, "Umm, can I please use the restroom." Her teacher nodded and she ran out into the hall. She was embarrassed. Did she do anything? Did she say anything? Something told her she did. To her discomfort, Andy was in the hall at his locker. "Hey." He smiled at his friend. She flushed an even brighter red and she ran down the hall. Did this make her horny? Or a hoe? The answer in her mind was yes.

Alli opened the door to the eighth-grade girls' restroom door and raced in. She tried to calm down, forget about it but she couldn't. She could've humiliated herself badly. What did she do. What did she say. "Alli." She heard someone call after her but, she ignored it. She couldn't be near anyone right now. The blood in her veins pounded in her ears as she started to pace back and forth. Her heart thudded in her chest. That's all she could hear. Her hands shook as she paced and her feet tingled. Her vision started to disfigure she felt as if she was at the carnival looking through the fish-eye lens to win a game. She started to clutch her arm to make sure she wasn't going crazy and her nails dug into her skin leaving marks. Blood trailed down her arm. Breathing seemed hard, really hard as if she just finished running the pacer in pe. She began to cry harder and harder as her chest grew tight. She couldn't go back to class, not like this. Alli's stomach churned and her throat became dry. She didn't know what to do or what was happening. It felt like she was being chocked and sent to death. Her body went between a hot and cold temperature and the once large roomy bathroom became a tiny closet. She needed to get out. She could've sworn she was going to throw up at any moment. She pushed back through the door. "Alli!" Andy exclaimed seeing his friend in this state. "What's wrong"

Alli couldn't answer she could barely breathe. "Take deep breaths, try to relax, close your eyes and find your happy place," Andy called out. "You're having a panic attack."

They were getting the attention of all the adults and the students in the hall. For once Alli was glad she couldn't see the man who made her daydream in class about losing her virginity at fourteen. It didn't help Alli though. He was right there. The guy she deeply wanted but couldn't admit her feelings for.

The bell rang now everyone would see. That wasn't going to help her. A teacher came up to them. " Help guide her into that empty classroom down there. But don't get too close she already feels constricted." Alli continued to cry. The rest of her friends started seeing this. Morgan raced over to them. "I got this Andy... go get her stuff and talk to her teachers about why she's not in class"

"Alli. Take a deep breath it's me, Morgan. Whatever it is you are okay."

Alli slowly came back. Her panic attack was going away. She continued to try and take deep breaths but it was hard. Her vision was returning but her heart still raced. She couldn't stop crying. "M-M-Mor-gan." She cried out.

"Yes, Alli. It's me. What do I need to do for you."

"Call m-my mom I n-ne-ed to go ho-me." Morgan nodded and left for the office leaving a teacher to help her. It was the start of the fourth period now.

She walked into the health office first. They seemed to already know. "Alli Chiles isn't feeling too great. She wants to go home. Can you call her mom?"

Without hesitation, the nurses called her mom, Nicole. She would be there in 8 minutes. "Go get her packed up." Morgan walked back into eighth grade. Her friend was better but now she was cradled on the floor crying into Andy's arms. She didn't understand what was happening but she knew it had to be something because her friend didn't cry for nothing. Andy laid beside her, he was stroking her face and playing with hair. She seemed to slowly calm down as relaxation took over. (God play with her feelings) Morgan took Alli's stuff from Andy he had retrieved and headed to her locker to pack her bag.

"Alli... your mom is almost here let's head to the office." Her tear-stained cheek friend whose face was bright red and her hair stuck to her cheeks slowly stood up. She wiped her face and took her bag. She was humiliated. She couldn't go back to school. She raced her way to the office leaving Morgan behind. Morgan turned around. This had to be serious. She locked eyes with Andy and the surrounding teachers. Morgan's phone started blowing up with videos on Snapchat. She then knew exactly what happened. She would talk to her later. She needed someone to talk to.

Meanwhile, Alli's mom pulled up to the front of the school and she raced her way out there. "Oh Alli! What happened?" Nicole pulled her daughter into a side hug as she cried into her shoulder. Alli felt embarrassed to tell her mom let alone her dad. Her dad was over protective he would come down on her like no other. "You don't have to tell me but, if you ever need it I'm here." Nicole whispered into her daughter's ear. Nicole stroked her daughters cheek and moved the wet hair behind her ear. After a few moments Alli sat up and buckled herself in to head home even though she felt as is it would've been fine for her to fly out the window and die in a car wreck.

That's chapter one.

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