The Earl and His Lady

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What happens when a daughter of a duke that marries a person who's status is lower than hers? What happens to a marriage with no intimate feelings involves and why does she feels that the both of them are just using each other for revenge? "Remember, I married you not for love but for what you can help me, Arthur." She whispers that Earl Arthur's ears tickles. "I know but you have the duty to give me an heir, my wife. Did I say that you are quite lovely today?" She burst from laughter. "My husband, you are such a liar! You do not want to touch me, not until you got what you want."

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Start of Something New

The Artist, paints the portrait of a beautiful young lady. She is the first daughter of Lady Malriss and Duke William. The portrait is for her fiance, the Earl of Aidden.

In 3 days, her wedding will be held at the palace of Aidden. Everybody thinks she's crazy. They asked her, why did she reject Prince Jacob's proposal. They said that she would be lucky if only she marries the prince.

She reject him because she simply hates the Prince and does not wish to marry him for he is the reason behind her elder sister's death.

She is having an headache just by thinking about those gossips. Her nanny smiled when her portrait was finished. "I could not believe that you are getting married, Lady Elin." Her nanny tried her best not to cry but she couldn't stop her tears.

Elin hugs her nanny and pats her back. "Everything would be fine, nanny Jocel. At least I am not going to marry the stupid prince."

Nanny Jocel wipes her tears. "I just wish for your husband to be handsome, loyal and smart."

Elin smiled. "Well, I do have high standards. After all, I picked him because of his intelligence. " She and her nanny laughs and gave the portrait a last glance before sending it to her fiance.

Meanwhile, after a day, The Earl of Aidden recieves the portrait of the Young Lady. Earl Arthur inspects the portrait along with his knights.

"Arthur, you should never trust the portraits." Sir Finn said while tapping Arthur's shoulder.

"I have nothing to say." Arthur coldy replies and left the room.

Arthur wishes for this woman to be beautiful. More than beautiful than his past lover. Only then, he could start his revenge and make his past lover regret for hurting his poor heart.

With this, it will be the start of something new

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