The Unfortunate Event At Mari Hill

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A cliche journey for the three Playboys who had war with loyalty and commitment.

Drama / Romance
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~ • The Unfortunate Event At Mari Hill • ~


I do not own any pictures or clips that will later be shown. Take note that this book is made out from the Author's Imagination, non of these events happened in real life. I do not copy anyone's work. Any similarities or relations to other books are completely coincidental.


Throwing of profanities
Using foul words
Mentioning of insecurities
Underestimating woman's capabilities

-Author's Note-

I sincerely apologise to the grammar and spelling errors on the upcoming chapters. English wasn't my first language.I would love it if you point out my mistakes!

I hope you'll enjoy this book!


Mari Hill is known for its advancement in any kinds of business, almost a hundred percent of citizens who lives here are business men and women. In short the people who live in the area are cocky rich.

MH University is one if the Universities in colleges that are pretty well known despite the two remaining Universities.

Apparently the City was given three well defined young men that took everyone's attention and pretty much hearts.

Rather than using the gifts—that the creators gave on good purposes they began to abuse the blessing of the God. They played everyone's hearts, appart from men, toyed the girls like a bunch of dolls and would later throw them like some dirty clothes.

They continued this behavior for years without a stop, even now when this was the last year of the year of college. Girls have wonder why they haven't catch any sickness yet considering the girls that have dated.

Not until when they fell in love. The doings in which a playboy is so unlikely to achieve. They started to settle with one girl that they have mebmt—in some events. Sure it created a huge impact to their fans, but they couldn't care any less about then, because all they wanted was to be moved by the woman that had cought their attention and heart.

It was one hell of a journey for the boys as they tried to battle the creeping temptation. Battling the loyalty for their girlfriend.

A cliche journey for the three Playboys who had war with loyalty and commitment.

- The Unfortunate Event At Mari Hill -

Written By Mend_Han

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