Tangled Strings

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Fate is tangled up in strings. The only way to find love is to find each end of the strings and play a tug of war. Unfortunately, these strings are for love. Until they find balance in their lives. It is for people who fight their own battles and break the string of fate.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

When Zachary craved Shayla’s attention. He felt that she was the best girl that showed him light in his darkness. But the only problem was, she never really liked guys. Her heart is for girls! And Everybody knew that she is a tomboy.

But Zach loved her since the day they met. She actually doesn’t care about his effort. Not like the way I try my best to become his friend. Yes, I liked him but its hard to get his attention; without him recognizing that he is getting the benefit. I started playing the games he’d love. Like we always do in some occasions. Typical dork he is.

Want to know how we met?

Kind of a cliche thought of how to people meet.

In the a small cafe near the gas station. Me and my sister Marla were drinking the same drink: MOCHA and cream.

I’m about to enter a important part of my life. Highschool is nearly coming. Summer was ending soon. And the social caste of the school never changes. We have 3 sections for our batch. And I am excited to discover what they will assign me in.

Before me and my sister would shop together. We decided to be high on caffeine.

The ambiance of the cafe was great. My favorite colors combined together. Green, yellow and blue. My sister always loved nature and would watch it together: Animal Life TV series every afternoon.

This hour was quiet. I feel like she is hiding something. Maybe it is about the situation she is in? Or her mixed feelings about our mother and father. Anyway I looked at the counter of sweets and treats.

Maybe I can order something for myself? I approached the counter. I feel shy because of him.

The Barista guy was cool. He was about an average male height. Tanner skin than mine. He has eyes that can intimidate you any minute.

He smiled at me for a while but something else catch his eyes. It was Shayla crying in the other corner of the cafe.

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