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His Weakness.

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"Just where the hell do you think you're going?" I questioned as I watched her storm out of the house. "What does it look like!" She yelled. I grabbed her arm and pulled her hard into me. She shrugged away then ran through the woods. I let her. You can't just leave her in there it's too dangerous. "What do I care if something happens to her." I mumbled to myself. I can't believe I'm doing this. I ran after her." Hey! You can't just run off like that it's too dangerous." I said, finally catching up with her. A wolf howled in the distance and she jumped into my arms. I smirked at her. I started to say something but she covers my mouth before I got the chance. "Just be quiet and take me back to the cabin." I smiled." As you wish princess." -------- When the alpha is killed Haven must battle the odds of his pack discovering his original pack and probability of losing his brother. Haven must find out the truth about his alpha's murder and his greatest betray. Haven finds out more than he bargained for as well as his greatest weakness.

Drama / Erotica
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All Rights Reserved for Billionaire Stole My Panties © by Tajanara Scott aka Afrodite107.

Under no circumstances must this book be copied, vandalized, steal, changed nor translated (without permission), ask and you shall receive. I don't tolerate plagiarism, everything you see is what pops out of my big headed brain. Thank you and enjoy.

Ps. Haven above.



The heavy rain has begun. When there's heavy rain it signifies that our ancestors are unhappy. They're response to what's happening is warranted. It's a sad day for us all. Our alpha has fallen in the most degrading way known to our kind. Maxwell Hamil, will be remembered as the mightiest alpha the Crescents' will ever know. My ears rang hearing his weeping widow's cries sounded like a wailing banshee. Our women have been trying earnestly to comfort our grieving Luna. I've never seen Ema like this before and it's very discomforting to see her like this. I broke my heart. I couldn't show my pain...I have to be strong for my family.

I looked away and picked at the bark the Willow tree. Tonight the elders and alphas from different packs will come to see the the cremation of Maxwell and inaugurate a new alpha." Hey man. How you holding up?" Mika asked. I shrugged. He leaned against the tree, beside me and sighed. He stood against the tree in silence for awhile." It's just all so...surreal...I mean one day he's here then the next he's...not." He finally says. I looked at Mika. He's shorter than the rest of us men at 6 feet and not as muscular but extremely fast. The fastest man in the pack. His shoulder length dark hair that naturally faded into ashy blonde, this is one of the packs many traits along with hooded ocean blue eyes and a crescent moon birthmark on his right shoulder. We become full members of the pack when the transition kicks in, but a few of us can shift. The chances are two in 20.

I sighed too." Yeah, I know what you mean." I folded my arms and stared out at the lake." Who do you think did it?"

"My guess is no doubt those damned bloodsuckers," he replied immediately.

"They couldn't, they'd be violating the treaty and I knew for a fact that none of them are stupid enough to kill one of us when your bite is lethal to them." I corner. We excrete an enzyme that heals wounds faster, vampires however, react differently to it. It makes them swell, seize probably even blow up. Mika's jaw clenched and his eyes began to glowed neon yellow. His wolf growled already to attack me.

"You're defending them." He spat. His small mouth curled into a snarl. His nose is crooked like his father's. His face is as round as his mother's.

"I'm not. I mean it would be stupid of them to kill the alpha without risking their own lives. That's all." I say." Just saying." He relaxes and his eyes turned back to normal. He folded his arms and stared out at the lake." What was that about?" He didn't answer right way.


"Hmm. Who do you think is going to be the next alpha?" I say trying to lighten up the mood. A smile spread across his face instantly. I chuckled. I have no doubt that Mika will be the next alpha.

"Isn't it obvious." He say, pointing at himself. Not only is he fast and the son of the alpha, he's also the ten times great grandson of the packs first alpha and he was the most power and the first of our kind to turn into a wolf under a crescent moon thus our pack name and birthmark, Crescent. Sadly, that alone won't make Mika alpha, our ancestor has to choose from the 15+ candidates from the varies families in our pack, including Mika and his older brother, Kane. I chuckled.

"Yeah but you have Kane to worry about, he's gifted." I say his smile grew wider.

"Yeah and...he's combat skill are super sloppy and I'm faster than him." He boasted. I shrugged.

"Granted. The next step is find your mate." The colour of his cheek reddened and a cocky grin grew on his lips. His eyes passed the willow and his features softened. I followed his graze to see the apple of his eye, Dawn. Dawn is beautiful but her heart belongs to another. Me.

"I heard she's seeing someone." I said with caution. His wolf's growl rumbled in his chest, his eyes glowed again and his fingers chipped off and claws replaced them. I swallowed a lump and braced myself for in attacks.

"Who?!?" His questions, his wolf growled the words like an echo in an empty room.

I smiled but it didn't reach my eyes." No one to worry about," I shrugged off the uneasiness I felt bad for not telling him but what would you tell your best friend if you were in the predicament. Oh Mika she's off limits because she's mine. Oh hell no, the last thing this pack needs is another died member. Mika doesn't have a chance against me, I'm not bragging it's just the hard truth. It's crazy to say that an omega can take down a beta within a single beat down but that's me an omega kicked out if his pack and left to fend for myself at nine year old, eating garbage, sleeping on cardboard. It was an hard knock life but I got through it and found a pack that actually gave a damn. I was kicked out of the Akasha or the demon pack as some call it because of our immunity to flames I've never tried to walk through fire I've always avoid being close to it because I don't want to be an outcast again. Akasha members are the most dangerous and feared, it is said that we're wolf and hellhound hybrids . Yup. Yay me. Or should I say screwed me if anyone found out.

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