His Weakness.

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Chapter 3.

Tensions were high when we got back. Mika—Mika just flat out ignored me when I tried to plead my case. I had nothing to plead for giving that none of this was my fault...I didn’t choose this but since I was called upon by the ancestors I couldn’t decline. Dawn bit my neck inserting her claim on me which deepened the rift growing between Mika and me. The vast lot of the pack grew fearful after seeing myself and the once beast-less burst into fire and shifting. The beast-less were thankful and fall on their knees kissing my feet

That made me uncomfortable. I’m not God and I wish not to be placed before him or to his divine caliber. It’s roughly noon and I am in a meeting with the other alphas and Issa. We are in Issa’s home. His living room is fairly big with wooden furniture he built and sold to humans. The pale yellow walls were his deceased wife’s favorite color, the floors were made from a Willow tree wood. The three sofas filled with the five other alphas. Issa and I stood in front of them and the entertainment center that was filled with the scented candles his wife use to make and a 40-inch tv." I still don't understand how this even happened." Issa said pacing. I watched him pace with my hands in my pockets. Either do I but I’d love to find out. I’m honored that I got chosen but being unnoticed to noticed is like locking me in a cage for all to see. I hate it.

"It's pretty clear how this happened—Maxwell had an affair with a demon and Haven is the product of that affair," Lisa spoke with a snarl, she looked at me in disgust. I looked at her, emotionless. I knew it from the start I will be dealt with nothing but hatred once I’m found out. I prepared myself for this all my life but no matter how much you prepare yourself you still feel....hurt and alone.

Lisa is the alpha of Arok. Her pretty face marred by anger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she believed I killed Maxwell. Her wide-set eyes are the color of blue azaleas, her red hair matched her temper. Her lips small and pink, her nose is long and narrow. Her face looked so delicate—you'd be afraid to even brush her cheek. She’s tiny and slim, she’s between 4’9 or 11. She wore jeans, a brown blouse, and ankle-high brown boots.

I smirked at her." I am Maxwell's son....not biologically....but I’m still his son. If you haven’t realized by now I have Akasha blood burning through my veins, I was kicked out as a child, Maxwell found me and took me in." I stated, my words heaved with emotion." He raised me as his own—so what's done is done. I chosen....deal with." She growls jumping over the small coffee towards me, trying to intimidate me. Her height wasn’t doing her any favors. I looked down into those now violet eyes.

"Lisa stop this." Issa pleaded about to pull her away from me. She dodged his hand and pressed her small chest against me.

"I refuse to believe that this-this-this thing is the Crescents alpha." She spat. I cocked my head. I’m 6’5...looking down at her is hurting my neck.

"Sit down,” I told me. She stood her ground." Don’t forget you're on my territory....do not make an enemy of me. Sit." I ordered. She bared her teeth at me. I grabbed her throat not enough to hurt her. I snarled at her, watching her eyes turn yellow. I was confused. She whimpered. I let go. She sat down with her head low. I felt bad for embarrassing her like this but it would be a disgrace for another alpha to challenge my authority on my land. I felt a release that made me shiver, followed by a burning on my left wrist. I looked at it in shock to see the Arok’s small split arrow marking. Holy cow did I just steal her pack right under her nose? Did she feel it too? What this the power of a Crescent alpha? Title stealing/power stealing? If so they better not cross me if they know what’s good for them.

"Now that I have your full attention, it has come to my attention that there's a traitor among my people," I announced.



I cleared my last table two minutes before my shift ended. I got my stuff, said goodbye to my supervisor before clocking out. I walked out the back door to my busted up red Chevy and drove to my next job. Tonight is the anniversary of my mother’s passing and....well it sure puts a damper on things. The reason being, it’s also my birthday. Aren’t I lucky? Long story short; my mom is literally the only parent I had because my bio dad was a douche bag. Hit it and quit kind of thing.

Mom took up three jobs to look after sickly little me, the hospital was basically a second home to me. Thank God my immune system got its shit together by 16 so I could help her out with some of the bills and life was good. Really good until some freak animal attack robbed her from me and made me inherit all of her debts a couple months ago. And that’s my life. I looked at myself in the mirror rearview mirror. I’ve always hated looking at myself. I looked nothing like my mom. I’m every bit of my good for nothing father. I had his deep blue eyes, a thick nest of black waves, a squared face, small lips, and a slightly crooked nose. Meh, at least I’m pretty. I always told myself that. Also at least I have life is was I told myself when I woke up to see another day. The trick to getting through life is being thankful for all the small things because they really do matter. I pulled into the driveway. I walked inside. I unlocked the door, I soon as I walked inside she jumped onto my leg.” Heaven!” She screamed.

I was beyond tired but I couldn’t let her see that.” Hey Lily!” I said, lifting her and spinning her in a circle. She giggled. She’s five with short blonde hair, her tiny nose, and chubby cheeks are covered in freckles. Her big hazel green eyes sparkled. She wore white with pink striped PJs.

“What took you so long?” She asked.

“Sorry sweetie, the boss had me doing overtime,” I replied taking her further inside, closing the door.

“What’s overtime?” She asked hugging my neck.

“Working long hours for more money,” I replied.


“Wait I didn’t see your parents car out front...who was staying here with you?” I asked stopping halfway out of the hall. I looked at her, frowning.

“Uncle Roger stopped by and waited with me...he fell asleep while watching Toads.” She says. She means Trolls. I let out a sigh of relief. Roger is Lily’s father best friend. He’s a damn hottie that one. I’ve been crushing on him ever since he moved in next door months before my mom died. I must look a mess.

“Where is he?”

“On couch.” She replies playing with my hair with her head on my shoulder. She’s getting sleepy. Good. It’s too late for her to be up on a school night. I took her up pine stairs two the first door in the right. Lily’s room is Sofia the First galore. Her starry night light laminated the room. The walls are purple like Sofa’s dress with the castle painted on it. Her bed is toddler size with Sofa’s face on the sheets and pillows sit in the middle of the room. Two wooden bedside tables with a white lamp. There’s a wooden rocking chair beside the door. Her closet and bathroom were to the left of the bed.

“Did you brush your teeth, Lil?” I asked. She nodded yawning.

“Uncle Roger made me brush than before we watched tv.” She whispers yawning again. I took her to the bed and helped her under the covers. I sat on the bed, stroking her hair. I’ve been her part-time nanny ever since she was 9 months old. She’s like a little sister I’ve always dreamed of having. I watched as her eyes fluttered closed and she sighs. I kissed her cheek. I stopped stroking her after ten minutes. I got up and turned. I jumped when I saw Roger leaning on the doorway.

He’s of Native American descent. His sleeky dark hair is cut two inches from his scalp. His eyes are light brown and so pretty, his nose was a bit large but it didn’t mar his handsome face. In fact, it gives his face more character. His small heart-shaped lips were tormenting me. He’s 29 and very well built. He wore a red flannel shirt and jeans. He slides his hand into his pockets.” So here’s where she disappeared off too.” He said gesturing to Lily. His deep voice made me shiver. He smiles at me.” I was wondering when you’d show up.” I blushed.

“I got extra hours today...I hope I didn’t keep you from your plans for too long.” I said walking towards him. He lightly closed the door and turns to me.

“Sleep is the only thing you’re keeping me from tonight.” He says. No hot date tonight? I wonder why.

“Rough day at work?” I asked as we walked down the stairs.

He scoffs.” I’d need a stronger substitute for rough.” He replies. He’s a realtor.


“You mine having a beer with me?” He said.

I smiled.

“Not at all.”

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