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Rafe Deacon's Name is on everyone's lips, not only for being the hottest guy in school- but he is of course the star quarterback. Add to that his sharp wit and his fathers charm, and you've got yourself an insight into Rafe. Despite his father's wishes for him to continue running the family business, Rafe wants to chase his own dreams... Chase Fallon... Falls in love and is determined to make the girl in question realise she is meant for him- but will she make it easy? What secrets is she hiding? Raven Deacon... Is not to be underestimated. Who said girls needed protection? Raven has it all figured out- until she is torn between two men. Both of which her brother detests. The decendants of the Deacons and the Fallons take us on an amusing ride through their younger years.

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Who runs the world?


“Always eloquent when selecting your words, Rafe,” Chase mumbles beside me, as I continue checking out the girl in front of us, her bright green eyes dancing with excitement as her boyfriend won her a tiny teddy bear. Chase sighed, kicking at the dirt beside me. I watched enviously as the boy slipped his hand around her slender waist, the tanned skin barely visible above her tight denim jeans. The boy, and let’s be honest, he was just a boy, was fucking punching. So high, in fact, I wondered if she was with him out of pity.

The girl was making a song and dance out of this stupid stuffed toy, and he was grinning like he had presented her with a diamond necklace. I frowned as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him, and Chase began to whine about being late home. Seriously- sometimes I wondered how the fuck we are related.

“Chase, it’s six in the evening, bro. Lacey is having that party tonight, remember?” I mutter, not taking my eyes off the prize in front of me. All I needed was for her boyfriend to go to the john or something- and boom! Rafe Deacon strikes again.

“Yeah, and I told you I’m not going. It’s not my scene,” Chase grumbled, tossing back his midnight black hair. I sent him a look of disgust, before turning back to see the girl in question had disappeared.

“Partying isn’t your scene? You’re a senior. Not only that, You’re a Fallon. Pops would be so disappointed in you.”

Chase doesn’t respond, but instead folds his arms silently.

“Please?” I wheedle, gazing at my cousin who shakes his head firmly. “You are a waste of genes sometimes, I swear. Maybe I’ll ask Pops if he wants to come, he would be more fun than you.”

“Pops is more fun than both of us put together, Rafe,” smiles Chase, and I nod in agreement. Our granddad was the notorious Cal Fallon, ex gangster of New York in his heyday, and even stole our Grandma from his own cousin way back when. He had a sick sense of humour, and I genuinely loved being in his company. Despite being in his early sixties, he was still ripped from working out every day. He often said he was as young as the woman he slept with- earning him a clip around the ear from Grandma. “Uncle Zane said he is gonna organise a party now he is back, so I will be there for that one.”

I rolled my eyes, instead inspecting the girls that stood at the carousel appreciatively as they eyed us up.

“Ah, Nina and Kendra are paying us some attention, care to say hi?” I tease, knowing Chase had a serious crush on Nina. I get it- she was all curves and sass, but was far too talkative for my liking, Like seriously, she never shut up. Plus, I’d slept with Kendra, so it kind of ruled it out. Girls have these stupid codes and shit.

“Rafe-” Chase warns, as I stride over, winking at Kendra as I do. She is a damn pretty girl, but she just goes all clingy and shit whenever I’m around. Not cool, but easy to get into bed. The last time I was at hers she took a selfie of me sleeping after a heavy night, and put it on her fucking insta. Nah, not going down that route again. She blushed immediately, but sent me a look that told me she thought I was a pretty shitty human being.

“Nina Cherry, “ I declare, as Nina frowns at my joke. She has a genuine smile for Chase though, as does Kendra. My cousin was the only guy that could get as much attention as me from the women of Winterburg, but he flat out couldn’t give a shit. The only girl he had bothered with was Rayna, a girl he refused to let me anywhere near because she was his ‘best friend’. I wasn’t overly interested anyway- she was the quiet, nerdy type, who wouldn’t give it up even if you paid her Harvard tuition fees. I had a sneaking suspicion that he liked her more than friends- but he would never admit that to me.

I didn’t mind though- it was less competition for the hotties. I had a roving eye- and even as we stood speaking to these two girls, I wasn’t paying attention. I was still searching for the girlfriend of the lucky bastard I’d seen earlier. She looked like a college girl, and again, that didn’t bother me. Older girls, younger girls- whatever, if I wanted them, I made it clear. Now, I’m not saying I’m incredible looking or anything- but my parents were both fucking insane looking. My Mom was this platinum blonde that had literally had my Dad wrapped around her little finger, which was virtually impossible. My Dad was Italian originally, all dark hair and green eyes. He was also the boss of Deacon Enterprises, which meant we were not short of money. He was also a criminal mob boss- something I couldn’t help but be proud to descend from. But he wasn’t as loving as some other Dads- he never came to my games and was usually too busy to join us on family holidays. It meant that my parents had a volatile marriage- one that was threatened with divorce most weeks in fact, but I was yet to see Mom actually do anything about it. Love had fucked her up.

“Rafe? Are you going to Lacey’s party?” Kendra repeated with exasperation, blowing her blonde hair out of her wide blue eyes. Blue eyes that I recalled staring up at me as she-

“I dunno,” I shrugged nonchalantly, my eyes narrowing as Jared Herrod walked into my eye line. Herrod was the bane of my life, and he irritated the fuck out of me. He was the opposing quarterback for the school on the other side of town, but he was fucking good. The problem was, he knew it. “What’s he doing here?” I muttered darkly, as Chase followed my eyes.

“Well, I would hazard a guess that he is going for the fluffy unicorn, but who knows at this point,” Chase drawled with disinterest, watching as Jared lined up a rifle to hit the tins before him. The fucker had girls all around him when he won, and he auctioned off the unicorn like some sort of charity worker.

“Wow, Jared has skills,” murmured Kendra, as Nina nodded in agreement.

“Where’s your school spirit?” I demanded, as Kendra blinked, wide eyed. “You don’t check out the guys on the other team, Kendra. You should know better.”

“Oh, like that has stopped you fucking half the cheer leading squad, Rafe,” Nina said haughtily. I shrugged then, knowing my argument was null and void. Chase came to my rescue though, and I couldn’t help but smirk at his response.

“In fairness though, you didn’t know which school she was from until you saw her at the game, right?” Chase chuckled, as I hooked my arm around him, grinning at the girls who were glaring at me with disbelief in their eyes.

“Which girl?” demanded Kendra, as Nina elbowed her sharply. I pretended I couldn’t hear her as Chase walked away, and I jogged to catch up with him.

“Thanks bro, she is a fucking piranha,” I exhaled, watching as Chase paid for us to have a rifle each at the crowd Jared had just stood at like a fucking celebrity. Yet, we were the true celebrities around these parts- no one could compete with a Fallon and a Deacon. Especially with rifles. We had been shooting with our Pops for as long as I could remember, on his private range. My dad was insanely talented with a gun, but he refused to teach me as he thought I was irresponsible. Pops disagreed, and said I should be taught. Uncle Caleb, Chase’s dad, insisted on being there too, and as an officer of the law he made sure it was all above board. Sometimes it still tickled me to think someone in our family was a member of the police force, but Caleb was good through and through, despite looking like a thug. Christmas was always fun, especially when Pops hit the whiskey.

I took aim first, and heard the whoops around me as I hit every single tin in a quick succession, earning myself the grand prize- A large stuffed flamingo. I couldn’t help but laugh, as Chase took up his place. He followed in my footsteps, earning himself a kangaroo. The crowd went wild, and I bowed with amusement. Jared was glaring at us from the edge of the crowd, and I winked at him.

I loved fucking with people.

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