The New Girl

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Sandy desperately needed a change in her life and well... she got what she wanted when she and her family got kicked out from their house and had to move somewhere far far away from home. what will happen to her now? Will she make any new friends? Or maybe even enemies? Did she left her old life completely behind? Or are there some demons from the past who are still chasing her? And of course will she meet any cute guys there?

Drama / Romance
Sofia Garoufalia
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"MOM" I screamed from the living room or at least what is going to be our living room cause right now it's just a big room filled with boxes. "Mom if you want me to go to school I need to know where my backpack is."

"Honey, I told you last night that all the boxes with your name on them are already in your room." She replied from the kitchen "and what time is it? don't you two need to leave?"

"School here starts at 8:30" I told her as I walked in the kitchen for breakfast. "Plus I think Tyler is still asleep."

"Well what are you doing here? go wake him up." She said as she shooed me away.

"Fine, fine." I left the kitchen and headed for Tyler's room upstairs. His room is right next to mine but that bastard got the bigger one. "YO! Ty wake up!" I screamed as soon as I opened his door. "Dude it's 9:30 wake up! It's our first day here and we are already late!" well... that did nothing. I guess it's time for the big guns. "Mom made pancakes with bacon and their getting cold!"

"If you're lying to me I'll be very upset sis." I heard him mumble under the covers.

"You'll never find out if you don't get up in time and I eat them all."

"ok, ok I'll get up. Now go away." He shooed me too. It seems that all I do today is get shooed away.

I got out of his room and into mine to find my backpack. After three tries of wrong boxes I found it in a small box under some of my old stuffed animals so I headed down stairs to finally eat my breakfast.

"I'm suprised you didn't lie lil sis." said Tyler as I walked into the kitchen.

"I didn't?"

"I decided to make you guys some pancakes for your first day of school here." Mom said and set a plate full of delicious bacon on the kitchen counter. "You know, for good luck."

"Yummy!" I exclaimed sitting down in front of a plate and shoving in it three pancakes and a handful of bacon showering them in syrup.

"Slow down there, sis. I need some of these too."

"Yeah, yeah"


After breakfast me and Tyler saluted our mother and headed for his car. He is 17, almost 18, and a senior in high school. He got his driver licence at his sixteenth birthday and his car at his seventeenth whereas I'm a junior and I still don't have my licence.

We both sare our green eyes that we got from our dad and our dark hair that we got from our mom.

He drove us to school and parked the car in an empty space.

"Okay sis, good luck!" He said messing with my hair and getting out of the car. I straightened my hair and got out too.

That's it. Our new lifes begin here, I thought.

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