The New Girl

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Chapter 2

OMG! Did you saw him?"

Great it's just lunchtime and from what I can see my brother is already famous.

"I'm telling you girl he is HOT." I couldn't help the urge to roll my eyes. This group of girls have been talking about this new guy -my brother- like he is freaking superman or something.

I leaned over to their table "I heard that he left a girl pregnant at his previous school so he dumbed her and had to change schools to hide from her."

Sorry bro, I love you but I can't stand these girls anymore.

"Um.. who the hell even are you?" Said the blond one who I also think is their leader.

"I'm new actually, nice to meet you." I told them with a huge fake smile.

"Well I don't care who you are or what you are doing here but here's a few things you should know. Firstly, you stay out of my way and secondly, don't even try going near the new guy cause he is mine."

And then I started laughing. A few people had turned to see what was going on and who the hell was laughing like a hyena but I didn't care.

This is hilarious. I mean who did she think she is? And did she really believe that I was after my brother?

The blond one had a mortified expression on her face and proceeded to storm off along with her cronies. They looked pissed but I couldn't care less.

After I cooled off and my laughter died down, a girl approached my lonely table. She had long dirty blonde locks and wide grey eyes. Ther was a small diamond stud piercing on her nose capturing the light. She looked like she could be at a beach surfing instead of a classroom.

"I like you." She said and sat next to me.

"Thanks I like me too." I replied with a smile.

"I'm Ellie and seriously what you did with the triple A was amazing"

"The triple what now?" These girls are so famous that have a special name? Who even thought of that?

"Yes, the triple A. I know it's ridiculous but I guess well fitted since they are as ridiculous as their nickname." Ellie answered me. "But let's stop talking about them now. No need to waste any more of our breaths on these three. What's your name?"

"Sandy." I replied with a small but genuine smile.

"Well Sandy, it's a pleasure to meet you. I think you just made a new friend." Said Ellie with a huge smile that almost reached her ears, flashing me her pearly white teeth.

"Thanks. A friend is exactly what I needed to make today." I answered.

And it's true, a friend is going to help me get through this year, a friend is going to help me pull my shit together and get my life back on track.

"Can we sit with you two beautiful ladies?" Said a tall guy, about 6'1, with dark hair and eyes. Next to him was another guy with golden hair and green eyes, about an inch sorter than the other.

"Nah." Said Ellie smiling widely probably only kidding, since the two boys sat down on our tabletable anyways.

The dark haired one kissed her on the cheek making her blush a bit and then turned to me. "Hey, I'm Toby, El's awesome boyfriend, and this is Blake. You must be the new girl everyone is talking about."

"So they are talking about me? I swear the only thing I hear all day is how hot my brother is." I told them and the boys chuckled giving me pity looks.

"Don't worry. You are both the talk of this school today." The green eyed one, Blake, reassured me with an attractive smile.

"Good." I simply replied giving him my best smile back. "I'm Sandy by the way."


The rest of the day past by quickly. Being the new kid is both frustrating and refreshing. I hate having to introduce myself in every class but at the same time I like the fact that no one here knows me. For them I'm a complete stranger therefore they have no expectations over me. I can be whoever I want to be.

Right now I'm trying out for the basketball team. I always loved this sport. I have been playing ever since I was just five years old, my dad being my coach at the time until I joined the school's team the next year. Even though I dumped the team two years ago I haven't rusted completely witch means I have a slight chance to get in this one.

After a long time consisting of me and some other girls, mostly freshmen, running around with a basketball, I made it to the team. Practices start tomorrow.

I had told my brother to not wait for my try outs to end and just leave right after classes so I have to walk home but I don't mind. I like walking, it gives me some inner peace.

The first thing I saw walking into the house was a shirtless Tyler next to a stranger on our couch playing on the PlayStation console and screaming. Obviously our furniture had arrived earlier in the day and someone put them in their place.

The stranger looked around Tyler's age, if not a couple years older. He had broad shoulders and short honey curls and even though I couldn't make out his face from this angle I had a feeling he was drool worthy gorgeous.

"Jeez Ty, at least put a shirt on, not everyone wants to see your fat belly."

"Oh please, there is no belly here, only hard abs and everyone should consider themselves lucky to have seen my gorgeous stomach." He answered, not looking back at me.

"Yeah, okay." I said trying to contain my laughs and heading to the kitchen to find something edible.

After making for myself a sandwich with boiled eggs, cheese, mayo and bacon, I headed to my room to devour it and relax a bit from the tiring day.

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