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19 years old Brandon is the heir to the kingdom after his father. His crush for Alexandra remained in the past and he got heart broken by the beautiful Elena . The once sweet Brandon has became a cold and heartless man . Just like how his father was . Alexandra left the kingdom at the age of 10 when her grandmother from her mother's side became sick. After 14 years she came back with a secret to Emerland, to find her childhood crush a heartless person she hardly recognize anymore. Sequel to His Queen on wattpad . And now on inkitt. *2nd book of 'his queen' series*

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Note: you don't have to read the first book "his queen" to understand the story everything will be explained. Enjoy<3

Alexandra's POV

"Morning sunshine." My mom said opening the curtains of my room.

"Mom please let me sleep !"

"No honey it's a big day today."she squealed.

"What big day?" I was confused. My mom was oddly enthusiastic .

"We're going back to Emerland."

"Ohh right."

"Alex baby you don't sound happy ."

"I missed it there but my friends are here, my life is here . What is awaiting us there."

"Alexandra honey didn't you miss uncle Ace and aunty Lea ? "

"I do but I'm used to being here. Plus the carriage is uncomfortable and we have 7 hours until we get there."

"It's okay honey . Your dad misses Ace so much. He has the right to go back. Plus Lea was sending us lots of letters for us to go back. Anddd you'll get to see Brandon again."

"Mom I'm over him. We were little." I whined. She winked at me. Ugh mother.

"Regina!" I heard my dad calling her.

"Coming sweetheart. Come on Alex pack your things, we're leaving in an hour." I nodded and she left.

I got up and started packing my things in a bag. A very big back. All my gowns need to be put in there. I'll miss this room. My grandfather was a duke also . He has a marvelous castle of his own and since my mom was their only child me and my siblings were spoiled. I have a 15 years old brother and 7 years old twin sisters. We've been living here in Graceland for 14 years I barely remember Emerland , but as my parents describe it to me I remember glimpses of it. I haven't seen Brandon nor Anna since then. I heard they didn't have anymore children.

"Alex!" 2 little feat came running to my room. Anastasia and Annabella came running towards me. I knelt on the floor and hugged them both.

"Morning sunshines. Are you ready for the trip ?"

"Yes!" They both nodded enthusiastically. At least someone is enthusiastic about going back to Emerland.

"Ugh I hate this." Harry came and laid on my bed rolling his eyes. According to my parents auntie Lea's brother's name was Harry. My dad loved him so he named my brother Harry. But when Harry was born he stayed 1 year with my parents then he was sent here to Graceland.

"CHILDREN!" Mom shouted from downstairs.

"COMING MOM!" Anastasia and Annabella squealed and ran out of the room.

"Come on Harry we should go."

"I was raised here I should stay with grandpa but NO mom and dad are too stubborn to let me stay here."

"Don't be such a cry baby . It's only for a short period of time."

"Short ? 1 year is definitely NOT short." I rolled my eyes and went to grab my bags.

"Leave them and go I'll take them with me when I join you." Harry was an annoying brother but he was a gentleman. The girl he will marry will be the luckiest girl in earth.

"Okay." I shrugged and joined my parents. They were standing with grandpa while the girls were running around.

"Ace needs me father. We were best friends since we were in diapers." Grandpa was mom's dad but he loved my father so much that he told him to call him father because he was like a son to him.

"I understand Jake. I'll miss you all but you have duties that you ignored for 14 years. And it's not fair for Ace . I'll come visit you often."

"Hey grandpa." I said .

"Angel!" He opened his arms and I ran and hugged him.

"I'll miss you ." I mumbled.

"I'll miss you too. But I will visit you in Emerland for sure." He kissed my forehead.

We have been going for 5 hours . We were all exhausted. The twins and Harry slept half of the time but I couldn't. I was nervous but I don't know why. I closed my eyes trying to sleep. After awhile I fall asleep.

"Wake up Alex !" I opened my eyes to see we were in front of a castle . I remember it . It was the royal castle. Emerland's royal castle. It was beautiful with gardens surrounding it. I left the carriage and we were welcomed by maids and butlers. A very beautiful lady wearing a crown exited the castle's doors with a big smile on her face.

"Regina ! Finally you're here."

"Lea I missed you so much." Mom and auntie Lea hugged each other.

"Is this Alexandra?" She gasped looking at me.

"Hi auntie Lea."

"You became a gorgeous lady Alex." She hugged me too. I blushed at her words.

"Where's Ace?" Dad asked her .

"Hello to you too Jake." Auntie Lea joked.

"Hey Lea how are you." He said scratching the back of his head.

"He's talking with Brandon. He'll be down for dinner. Then we'll escort you to your rooms." She said and dad nodded .

"Oh hey there." She looked at the twins and Harry with a smile.

"Lea this is Harry and these two are Anastasia and Annabella." Mom told her .

"Hey your highness." The three of them said.

"Oh please call me auntie Lea or just Lea."

"Your highness the dinner is ready." A middle aged maid said from behind us.

"Follow me ." We followed her and we entered a big dinning room. A girl around my brother's age stood up and came to greet us.

"This is my daughter. Anna." She looked a lot like her mother.

"Jake my old friend." A hot man entered the room. Oops it's uncle Ace . He was followed by-omg. A very very hot guy do they have it in their genes ?! He was so handsome with a dark aura. He had chocolate brown eyes. Wait I remember Brandon having green eyes. So maybe it's not Brandon ?

"Everyone this is my son Brandon. " Ace announced. My parents greeted him.

"Alexandra princess!" Uncle Ace exclaimed. "You became a pretty young lady. Just like your mom."

"Thank you uncle Ace." I blushed at his words . I looked up and my eyes caught Brandon's eyes.

"Let's eat shall we ?"

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