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Hailey Braxton grows up in a toxic household where her mother is a big druggy and her father runs around in gangs for money never getting any love in her life can she escaoe her old hood life of will she be stuck like that for ever

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The beginning of it all

Hailey Braxton was born november 2nd 2001 to her parents jainey rodgers and liam Braxton Hailey has light golden brown hair and sweet haisel nut eyes. Hailey has always been a very observet little girl. When she was four she got a new little sister named riley adams. Her mother got pregnant with riley after Haileys father sold her to a man for free crack and the condom broke most of the time Haileys parents left her and riley alone at home but one day just after hailey turned 10 her father took her away from her sister and took her to a random house and knoked on the door five old ugly worn out old men opend the door they touched her places she didnt even know after she felt like she wanted to die.

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