Lost and Found

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On a search and rescue to save her true love, George. Meredith faces consequence and chaos on the way. Little did she know what the other side holds in store for her fate. Will temptation be her downfall? Will Apollo show Meredith what she's missing? Or will George be her setback?

Drama / Romance
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‘‘The loss of young first love is so painful that it borders on the ludicrous.’’ - Maya Angelou

It was just two days ago that I and my true love were celebrating our 20th anniversary. He promised that we would be together forever. George has made me the happiest woman ever. After, the proposal he wanted to ask my father for my hand in marriage. Suddenly, he disappears off the face of the earth. Its been four days in counting since he been missing. I remember our love just like yesterday. Though, I am so confused about how he would up and leave me. This is not like George at all. He wouldn’t just leave and not tell me anything. If only I knew what happened after that day. Until then my heart is coated in sadness.

Today is currently June 25th, 1999. Previously, it has been raining three days straight. Meredith has been locked away in her room in silence to even notice. For the simple reason, that George is presently still missing. Her bed began to drown in tears, soaking wet. She began to cry out uncontrollably. Meredith rises from the bed trudging over to the window leading out to the balcony. Lifting one leg up at a time to make a jump for it. Though, she has no experience of swimming. Therefore, spreading her arms like wings. Over the balcony, she goes landing into the pool hitting her head. Her next-door neighbor, Apollo witness her suicide mission. Apollo immediately runs downstairs straight outside to the pool. Then taking off his shirt and leaping into the pool like Romeo. In the process of saving her, she began to slowly lose consciousness. Her head began to tilt back and forward as she tries to gasp for air. Meanwhile, Apollo pulls Meredith out the water, gently placing her into his arms. Straightway, he starts to perform CPR on her. Meanwhile, Apollo pulls Meredith out the water, gently placing her into his arms. Straightway, he starts to perform CPR on her. Meredith suddenly gains breathing again. She struggles to see because her eye is full of water. Unexpectedly she reaches up and kisses Apollo thinking he’s George. With no hesitation, Apollo kisses her back. Their lips clash together, but know not of the misery that will come after. All at once, Meredith snaps back into reality.

‘‘Who are you? she asked.’’

‘‘I am Apollo your next-door neighbor’’, he explained.

Huh. ‘‘It still doesn’t ring a bell’’

‘‘How come it doesn’t? Apollo asked.’’

‘‘I was never really introduced to you’’, Meredith said.

‘‘Why were you about to kill yourself anyway?’’ Apollo asked.

‘‘My true love has not to long disappear; I don’t know how I can live without him.’’

‘‘First thing first lady you shouldn’t wanna kill yourself over nobody’’, Apollo stated.

Meredith reaches and slaps Apollo across the face.

‘‘How can you say something about a person you don’t even know.’’

Apollo grabs Meredith and places her over his shoulder.

‘‘You really shouldn’t have done that,’’ he whispered.

‘‘Put me down you imbecile’’- she began kicking and shouting-‘‘do you have any idea who I am’’.

‘‘Lady, I don’ t really care’’, Apollo said.

Meredith decided to escape away. All suddenly, she reaches up and then down and bites Apollo on the neck. Apollo immediately puts Meredith down. After, Meredith makes a run for it. She didn’t have anywhere else to run. There was a fence surrounding the whole building. All she could do was run on the other side of the pool, but Apollo was on the other side.

AAUGH! ‘‘Have you lost your freaking mind, lady?’’ he asked, shouting from the other side of the pool.

Apollo looks back and checks how bad the bite is. Then, he runs straight after Meredith before she’s do anything crazy.

‘‘Get back here, lady’’, he shouted.

Meredith didn’t really get that far, but Apollo was about 8 to 10 feet behind her.

Apollo finally catches up and grabs Meredith; she tries to resist. Then, she breaks down initially crying outrageously. Afterward, he takes her upstairs to his room. The hallway was very empty. His apartment was at the end of the hallway on the right. Finally, they made it to his room.

‘‘My instincts are telling me you might do something crazy.’’ ‘‘I guess I’ll keep an eye on you just to make sure you don’t try anything ludicrous.’’ ‘‘Don’t bother by running either’’, he said.

‘‘Tell me just how you gonna do that.’’

‘‘You are sleeping over tonight in my apartment’’, he said.

‘‘The only way I’ll do it if you help me find my finance.’’

‘‘Well, it looks like we have a deal now.’’

Apollo unlocks the door and pushes it open. They both enter at once. Meredith began to look around. On the wall there was paintings of different landscape and naked women.

‘‘Make yourself at home’’, Apollo said.


‘‘Well, I am about to freshen up and do me a favor and don’t touch anything’’, he said.

After Apollo left, Meredith began to look around. As she looked around, she discovers different types of painting. Not paying attention, she turns around and bumps into Apollo. There standing in a towel was Apollo half-naked dripping soaking wet.

‘‘We gotta not bump into each other like this baby girl’’, Apollo said.

‘‘I see a man like you who likes to provoke a woman.’’

There was only a little space between them. Meredith started to experience a room of awkwardness. Then her heart initially began to start pounding. Also, he pent her hair back and made long eye contact. Apollo reached down like he wanted to kiss her. Meredith immediately push him back.

‘‘You saved my life don’t mean, I owe you nothing sexual.’’

‘‘I did say you did Meredith, it just you are so beautiful.’’

All of sudden, the doorbell rings.

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