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For those nights I couldn't sleep. A collection of short stories.

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Chronus Capricius
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I Killed The Hero of Your Story

I killed the main character.

I killed him and now, I won't have to die for this asshole in order to make his character grow. I am no longer a tool to this fucking story. Hey, listen to me! It was him or me and I am tired of dying over and over again.

Why do I have to die while HE gets to live?


Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


I stared at the blood in my hands then glanced at the stupid hero wanna be. I snickered. Hero, huh? And then, that sorry excuse of a villain will keep coming at him until his redemption arc. The corner of my lips twitched and slowly, a laugh escaped from my lips.

I know what to do now!

I am tired of being the fucking minor character with no name that it's only purpose is to die. No. Haha… hahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I will NOT be that character anymore. No.

I will be reborn as a new person. My smile faltered as I remembered how this piece of shit is the main character. Therefore, he would resurrect as if he was Jesus Christ himself. I bit the nail of my thumb. I needed to keep it from happening.

With disgust, I dragged Arakan's body out of the wood shed behind the school and looked around to make sure there weren't any witnesses. It took great effort, but I managed to sneak Arakan's body to my house in the middle of the night.

For once, I was glad to have moved closer to the school. Dragged Arakan's presumed dead body to my basement and tied him up to a chair.

His head and face were almost unrecognizable after the many blows to the head with my metal bat. Just in case, I had also stabbed him forty seven times in the chest. "Come on, oh great messiah, let's see if you truly are dead."

No answer.

"I'll come back in three days." I said with a smile and went upstairs. I took a cold long shower and got rid of the evidence. Tomorrow was a school day. Tomorrow, the moronic love interest was supposed to confess before the school is attacked by our "vile and cruel antagonist". Yeah right. That asshole is even afraid of his own shadow.

As I made dinner, I heard a loud noise from the basement. I smirked, we have an overpowered asshole over here. I finished chopping the potato and went back down to the basement.

The chair had fallen over and Arakan was having a hard time breathing. His swollen blue eyes stared at me with what I think was surprise. I pulled him back up again and noticed his wounds were slowly healing itself.

"Fuji… wara?" His hoarse voice called out and I clicked my tongue.

"I should have sliced your throat too."

"Wh.. y?"

I smiled. "Because, I'm tired of dying." I said as if I hadn't killed our hero of the story. Ignoring the painful groans coming from Arakan, I stared at his body. Only forty one stab wounds were visible.

I scoffed. "Regenerative healing, really?" I circled him. "Are you immortal now?"

Arakan coughed some blood. "I don't know," he paused to catch his breath. "What you mean." He panted. I stared at him before bursting out laughing. Oh that's right. He still doesn't know.

"Suzumiya Arakan," I called his name and tilted his chin up with my index finger, I leaned closer into his miserable face. "You are a main character of a typical shounen story with the same fucking plotline and the same cliches."

Arakan looked at me confused and betrayed. "Fujiwara."

"Don't." I stared down at him with disgust. I leaned away and hummed in thought as I thought of a way to dealing with the copy of jesus christ, but more idiotic. "Dinner is almost ready, if you are a good boy," I leaned closer to him again, putting one hand on one side of the back of the chair. I smirked. "I'll give you a reward~"

He gave me no answer, instead, he had an ambiguous look on his eyes and his gaze gave me an idea of what exactly I would do to him. As I went back upstairs, I camly finished preparing dinner for two.

At last, I am now in control of my own role and to the author who is writing this story, fuck you. I am not just Minor Character A, I am me.

I am Fujiwara Botan, remember my name well peasants.

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