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The Agenda

I sat on a park bench in the Middle Realm several days later, waiting on a bus. I had my book, Dante’s Inferno, clutched in my hand as I chuckled at the inaccuracies. Suddenly, I was covered in goosebumps. I glanced up to find Amitiel.

“This one is mine, Lilith,” Amitiel stated.

I rolled my eyes before going back to my novel. Amitiel snatched my book from my hand. “Did you hear me, Lilith? This one is mine.”

I stood and calmly explained, “Yes, I heard. However, I’m afraid that’s not possible. I’m not sure what The Creator wants with a recovering alcoholic, but I’m sure it’s not kosher.”

Amitiel looked confused. “I’m after a child.”

I nodded. “Jerad is supposed to save Samantha, dying for a little girl he doesn’t even know. A recovering alcoholic getting hit by a bus is no headline, but a distracted bus driver hitting a small, innocent child definitely is one. The family will go on and on about how some god helped them get through their grief. More people will attend some place of worship or pray more often in solitude because life is short, and they need to get on the straight and narrow. It’s all just an agenda.”

The small angel shook her head, “NO.”

I snagged my book and picked up the angel by the front of her shirt while she was in distress. Her helpless, golden eyes stared into mine, filling with tears. I couldn’t bring myself to end Amitiel, so I simply tossed her to the side.

Right on schedule, I tilted Jerad’s head to the tennis ball bouncing across the street and a tiny redheaded girl chasing after it. I brought his attention to the bus barreling towards the unsuspecting, innocent child about to be killed in the name of some ultimate being. Jerad dropped his groceries that held the precious whiskey he would have relapsed with that night. He darted across the road, pushing the child out of the way. There was a sickening crunch, followed by screeching breaks and horrified screams. I ignored the chaos and strutted across the street to take Jerad’s hand as he breathed his last. No one should die alone. Soon, his spirit had emerged and smiled at me. I patted his back, “Good job on getting yourself killed, kid,” I sighed. Jerad laughed and shrugged. “I have your family Jerad, would you like to see them again?” Jerad teared up and nodded, so I took him to the Under Realm, where he embraced his parents and his wife, never to drink again. He had no need to forget his loneliness anymore.

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