Betting On The Bad Boy

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Meet Lynn Ross, the captain of the lacrosse team. The only female on the lacrosse team. She doesn't take nonsense from anyone. Meet Ryder Frost, the bad boy of the school. He returned from a school for troublemakers. He joins Lynn's team. He was also her childhood bully. What will happen when Lynn makes a bet to "tame" The bad boy?

Drama / Romance
Blue moon
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Chapter One

Lynn's POV




"What?" I yelled. I hate being woken up from my deep slumber.

"Don't use that tone with me young lady" Yelled my mother.

"Sorry late night" I said while wiping my eyes. "How can I help you mother?"

"Much better. Now honey I am not at home now I had to go to work early"

"And your point is" I stood up and walked to the bathroom.

"The point is I need you to call Jasmine to get everything ready for tonight"

What's happening tonight?"

"Your brother and his fiancee is coming home for the wedding"

"Wait... Luther is coming home?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes honey he is... So can you please call her and tell her I didn't have time to"

"Okay mom" I said as I opened the tap.

"Oh and honey?"

"Yeah? What's up?"

"Be nice to your brother today"

"Of course I will I haven't seen Luther for such a long time"

"I'm not talking about Luther, I'm talking about Levy"

I dropped my toothbrush and said well yelled "Levy is coming home as well!"

Levy is my twin brother he was sent away to a school for the troublemakers. I was the reason he ended up there... Shit I hope he's not still pissed at me.

"Yes his coming home too so be nice to him"

"Fine bye" I hung up and picked up my toothbrush and did my morning routine. I left the bathroom and made my way to my walk-in closet. I opened it up and grabbed the first thing I saw. I pulled on a white crop top, a black skinny jeans with my black high heels boots and my black leather jacket. I put my hair in a neat high ponytail. My ponytail reached my middle back. I had long straight jet black hair. To top it all off I put on my reading glasses... Not that I needed it, it just made me look cute.

I walked downstairs into the kitchen and found Jasmine. At least I didn't have to look for her. "Hey Jasmine" I said as I grabbed a delicious green apple and took a bit out of it.

"Good morning Lynn" She smiled.

"I wish I could stay and talk but I'm going to be late for school. My mom asked if you can get everything ready for tonight because Luther is coming home" I took another bite out of it.

"Sure okay everything will be ready when you guys get home" She smiled.

"You the best. Bye" I said as I walked walked out of the kitchen.

"Bye Dear" Jasmine is like a second mother to me. She's in her late 50's she's a very happy and sweet lady.

I grabbed my lacrosse kit and my keys and left the house. I got in my Ferrari F8 and drove to school.

I finally arrived at school. I got out of the car, grabbed my school bag and locked my car. I saw a crowd huddled around the two people bullying this one girl. I really hate bullies... Maybe because I have been bullied for 16 years. Luckily my bully was forced to go to a school for the troublemakers with my brother Levy.

"I-I'm so sorry Madison" I heard the girl cry.

"You going to pay for what you did you little bitch!" Yelled Madison.

"No one gets away with making a fool of Maddy" Said Melody. I've had enough of this.

I rolled my eyes and pushed through the crowd until I reached the middle of the crowd. I saw the girl that was being bullied standing with her head down, crying. I turned my attention to Madison and Melody.

Madison was about to slap the girl but luckily I was fast and yanked her by her shirt before she could lay a hand on the girl. Madison fell to the ground and Melody ran to her side to help pick her up. "You bitch!" Madison yelled. "What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? What wrong with you? Hurting other people? You are sick." I yelled.

"This doesn't concern you Lynn" Yelled Melody.

"Actually it does concern me. I hate bullies. I've seen you bully this girl for so long and I am sick and tired of it" I yelled. "This stops here. If you lay a finger on her. You. Are. Going. To. Pay. " I said as I walked over to the crying girl. I placed a hand on her shoulder and then pulled her into a hug. I turned to the crowd. "And you guys standing here watching as this girl gets bullied. You all are sick." I yelled.

"We are sick? You the one that steals every girls boyfriend" Yelled Melody.

"Look I don't steal girls boyfriends. And it's not my fault that your boyfriend left you for me" I yelled. The crowd started snickering.

I smirked "Now if y'all excuse me. My buddy here and I are going to leave" I pushed through the crowd with the girl on my tail. We made our way to the bathroom. There were two juniors in the bathroom I stood next to them with my arms crossed over my chest "Leave now" I said.

"Okay yes" The short girl said and then they left. I turned to the girl that was just bullied. "What's your name Love?" I asked.

"Uhm... My name is Harmony"

"Nice to meet you Harmony. I'm Lynn"

"I know"

"Okay? What happened out there...Don't blame yourself for it okay Madison and Melody as just bitches" I said as I handed her tissues. She took it and started wiping her eyes.


"Don't mention it" I smiled. "Where's your friends at?" I asked.

"I... Uhm... Don't have any"

"Neither do I"

She raised an eyebrow "Really? But aren't you the captain of the lacrosse team? Why don't you chill with the rest of the team?"

"Well because I don't have time for their dirty jokes and I like being by myself... It sounds sad I know."


"Well that ends today" I smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you my new bestie" I smiled.

She smiled too "I'd like that"

After she was done with her make up. She frowned at her reflection.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"They are right"

"Who's right?"

"Melody and Madison"

"Right about what?"

"I am ugly" She frowned.

"No you not love. You are gorgeous"

"You just saying that" She packed her makeup away.

"I'm not just saying that. I meant it. You know what I'll prove it"


"We going shopping and I don't take no for an answer" I said.

She giggled "Okay Lynn" I linked our arms and we walked out of the bathroom. We reached my locker and I felt a presence leaning against the locker next to mine.

"Hey sis" Said a deep voice. I sighed and turned to face him.

"Hi Levy... Welcome home" I said. He pulled me into a big hug. I wasn't expecting this.

"I missed you" He whispered in my ear.

"I missed you too Levy" I hugged him tighter. I heard someone clearing their throat I turned around to see the boy that ruined my life. The boy that made me feel like shit. The boy that hurt me emotionally and physically. The boy that was my bully.

"R-Ryder" I stuttered.

"Hello Lynn" He smirked.

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