One Thing At A Time

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This is a semi true stroy on the struggles of a girl with mental health problems and living in care contains abuse and drugs

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The begginning

AN's this story is based on a true story i was a care home kid myself. I was sexually groomed during my time in care and even though social services have an idea of whats going on there isnt really much they can do to help. We go under the radar. I have taken parts of my life story and my best friends life story. I have changed our names in the book but i see alot of myself in cherry. I am dislexic and struggle with some words so sorry for any spelling mistakes and this is my first book i hope u enjoy and please leave tips where i can improve thanks alot x

I live with my Nana and sometimes i spend a few days or weeks at my grandads and every so often il sleep at my dads. My mum is away,the men in white coats took her away from me when i was younger because she was hurting me and is a bad lady ive never met her or spoke to her but they tell me she did some really bad things and that i am bad like her too. Maybe thats why i always feel so angry and sad. But sometimes i feel really happy and like i could do anything but this is only short i mostly live in the dark side of my mind. They say im a bad kid and that nobody wants me. They make me see the doctors who tell them all sorts of words like ADHD, Autisum, Socially Imparied, they always talk about me like im not there and truthfully i act like im not but im listening to every single word. Sometimes i hurt people or myself i dont know why i do this it just happens and i cant stop it. I need help i feel like im sinking and it wont stop or go away and i have always felt this way even as a young child starting primary school i think i even remember this feeling in nursery too. I cant take much more of this suffocating, this invisble drowing that no one can see so no one throws me a life line. No one is coming to save me. Maybe thats why when one day my Nana dropped me off at my grandads house i walked straight to the kitchen reached for the bleach and drank as much as body would possibly take. It was horrible and instanly burned my mouth and my throat as it went down i wanted to be sick but all that came up was foam.

"Sky, Sky what have you done. Sky look at me tell me" i could hear my unlces voice shouting at me but i could not respond i was slipping away finally getting my dream of escape. I wasnt scared i was happy truly happy a happiness id never felt before. Happy that i was dying.

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