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A teenage mom what will happen??

Drama / Romance
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Chapter one

Angela Johns, a single mom of 1 ,Jessa Morgan Johns. Angel had Jessa when she was only 16 years old with her high school boyfriend, Ross Clide. They had such chemistry that they got cought in the moment. When Angela found out she was pregnant with Jessa she was so scared and didn’t know what to do. Unfortunately Ross moved away to Washington state and he still til this day doesn’t know about Jessa.


Two weeks after Ross moved

“ Mom!!” Angela said in a frite.

“Yes! Is something the matter?” Linda ( Angela’s mother) said.

“ I don’t feel so good.” Angela said as she is running to the bathroom.

Linda has noticed that Angela has been having morning sickness for a while now and has a theory about what has happened.

the next day

Angela I don’t think you have the flu!” Linda said as Angela came downstairs for breakfast.

“ what do you mean mom what else would it be?” Angela said worried.

“ I know you and Ross did more than just kiss that night. Angela I think we need to get some pregnancy tests.” Linda said

Angela didn’t know what to think all she knew is that she just was so scared.

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