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Officers Callahan and Barrett,are after “the marked man.” Sawyer is just looking for his friend,while trying not to get killed. Charlotte Perry is dead. Sid is terrified,hiding from the cops while searching for her friend. And Azrael is out for blood.

Drama / Humor
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Five girls stand in front of Coach Jeff,waiting patiently for roll call.”Alright girls,roll call.Hotaru?”

“Here,sir!” She cheers peppily,with her hands on her hips.


“Mhmm.” The girl nods.


“Here!” The frail girl calls,raising her hand.

“Ana Sofia?”

The girl rolls her eyes.”Yes,here.”



“And as late as always,Chau.” A black haired girl runs up the stairs,panting.

“There were literally zombies chasing me!” Coach glares.

“That’s your worse excuse yet,lady.” She gestures a thumb to the zombie behind her.

“Sorry coach,I did say literally.”

They all back up,freaking out.”zombies don’t exist girls! Don’t worry.”

“Looks like a zombie to me.”

“It’s just a drunk dude...with Uh dental issues.”

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