The Internet Bad Boy

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Art of the Don’t

Writing is full of Don’ts. I’ve had people tell me —don’t write mean things about my character’s parents, don’t write about drug use, don’t write about sex. If I listened to all the Don’t, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. At some point, you need to stop listening to the naysayers and live. I decide to stop being afraid and to live here at Pietr High.

Perhaps one of those Don’t is — don’t ghost the guy you just slept with if he has violent tendencies. I don’t know how to let Jake down gently so I text him that I have plans with my friends after school.

I decide to meet Nick instead. Yeah, so I slept with Jake, but that was a one-time thing. On Friday, I was stressed out, and he was there. I am probably just one more notch on that bad boy’s belt anyway.

I didn’t expect Jake to confront me during lunch hour.

“What do you mean, you have other plans?” Jake asks and sets his lunch tray across from me. “I thought you said you were free.”

“I’m going out tonight with friends,” I say. Okay, friends is a lie. I am going out with a friend. Someone who I hope is going to be much more than a friend.

“You’re such a liar,” Jake snaps back. Okay, his leather-jacket wearing, pushy, dark side was showing. I can’t believe we’re having this conversation or that he’s starting to lose his temper. He’s such a jerk. Even if we were going out together, he has no right to get angry about what I decide to cancel.

“You jerk.”

“Come on, spill it. Is it really a friend or a guy?”

“It’s Nick,” I reply with a smirk on my face. “I’ve always been into Nick.”

“Nick Driscoll? The dumb jock with the girly hair?”

“You’re just angry because he’s gorgeous. And you’re not. You’re gross.”

Jake slams his lunch tray on the cafeteria table, and the sound draws some attention from the table next to us. The other students are starting to whisper. I imagine a teacher should be coming over soon. Cafeteria fights are not really a thing here since we are located in the middle of downtown, and most students leave school during lunch hour. I just hope that someone comes over before Jake drives his fist into my sandwich or my face.

Jake is seething in anger now. There is a vein in his neck that is budging, and his face is turning red. He doesn’t like it that I called Nick gorgeous. I pretend to be preoccupied with eating my sandwich.

“I thought we had something between us,” Jake says through clenched teeth.

“Did we?” I ask. “Well, it was completely one-sided.”

“Just so you know,” Jake replies with a smirk. “The condom slipped. I might have come inside you by accident. Maybe you should get that checked out. You know, for STDs.”

I swallow hard. Seriously? I remembered him taking the condom off at the end and tossing it into the ocean. In thinking back, I’m 99% sure he had it on the entire time he was inside me. But, what if he was telling the truth? What if it ripped?

Am I going to have the bad boy’s baby?

My worries over the physics test had just abated. Now I’m supposed to worry about an unintended pregnancy? With this loser? How am I going to tell my mom that I need an abortion? I’m sure she would rather have to deal with me failing out of school than pulling me out of school for being a skank.

“Liar,” I hiss back. “You’re just trying to screw with my head.”

“Are you sure?” Jake asks with a smile. He starts to back away as two teachers approach us. “I like the way it feels better without a rubber. Maybe, I slipped it off on purpose. It’s too late to do anything about it now, princess. Tell Nick; he can enjoy raising my kid.”

“Hey asshole,” I snap as Jake seems almost giddy with his revelation. “Do you even know who you banged on that beach?” I felt the tears coming to my eyes as I contemplated the existence of this thing— this accident that is half Jake Villin — that was possibly growing inside me. How disgusting! At that moment, my horror hits me like a bucket of cold water. It is really happening. I am going to be tied to Jake for a very long time through this thing inside me. Jake! He’s both a failure at real-life and a failure at becoming internet famous. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

“I’m WilderLuna15.”

I see that smirk finally leave Jake’s face as he puts it all together. No, that’s the one thing even Jake Villin is repulsed by. I’m the woman he’s obsessively hated all these years. Now, he realizes I might be his baby mama.

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