The Internet Bad Boy

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Chapter 7

THE AROUSAL came over Ava’s body like a flood. Her nipples are erect as she picked up his scent in the woods. Mate. The bond between them was like electricity in her veins. Just the thought of him made the place between her thighs tingle with longing.

Ava was drawn irresistibly to him, her mate as chosen by the moon goddess herself. Her hunger for his scent was even more all-consuming now that his love had left bruises all over her body from her refusal to accept his advances. The more he pushed her away, the more she wanted him. The bond was not something she could will or reason away.

When the heat overtook her, all Ava could think of was the aching between her legs. It was an impossibly savage hunger only his hard, unyielding member could fulfill.

Maybe this time it would be different. Maybe this time, their mate bond wouldn’t hurt so damn much.

Ava ran into the thicket. She was hot on Gerard’s trail. Even though finding him, meant her love would likely kill her. She was meant to be his, even though he chose to be with another she-wolf every night to hurt her. Despite it all, he was still her Alpha, and her place was beside him.

Ava’s wolf pawed the ground where she picked up his musky, masculine scent. Gerard. Even his name was coarse and rough on her lips, like the bruises he left on her body. The pain was worth it, as long as he satiated her with his sinfully gorgeous body. Her lust knew no reason or bounds. Even if he spanked her, whipped her, and starved her, the only one for her would always and forever be the wolf who marked her, the wolf who broke her, the wolf she called Alpha.

Just the whisps of wolfish scent Gerard left in the air made the wetness form on the fur between her legs. Her wolf needed him to come to take care of her arousal. Without him, she was nothing, no one, not even worth the air she drew into her lungs. Without him, she was just a stupid little Omega for the rest of the pack to pick on.

Ava ran into the night after him. He was her only salvation, her only desire, her one, and only love.

All the loves,

Ever yours,

<3 <3 WilderLuna15

Author’s Note: I’m sooooo sorry for the short update. I met this hottie today. He reminds me of Ava’s mate Alpha Gerard. I just want the Real Life hottie to throw me over a table and nosh me to bits.

Fingers double, triple crossed!

To keep you guys busy I have some engagement questions:

1. Do you think Ava and Gerard are going to make cute werewolf puppies?

2. Does Gerard hurt Ava because he’s scared of his intense feelings about her or because he’s hurting deep inside from his parents abandoning him as a pup?

3. Do you guys think Ava will wear a mini-skirt or a lace tank top to marry Gerard? I’ll pick the one that gets the most votes! Please leave your vote in the comments!

4. Most importantly-do you think the Real Life hottie will nosh me?

Thanks, guys! Remember to give me all your votes!

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