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The diary of Emiko

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15 December,2018

Good morning,Siara.Sorry I am late today.Actually I slept late yesterday.Oh I forgot to tell you that I am spending my SSC vacation.I have got GPA 5 in my SSC examination.So I am waiting for my college classes.College classes will start soon.Today I will tell you about my school life.

My school life was not so good till class 5.Actually I couldn't trust anyone easily.I couldn't make friends easily.Till class 5,I was a study blind girl.I had no close friends.But yeah I talked with everyone.Ours was an combined school.Everyone loved me for my behaviour.Teachers also loved me.Then in class 6,many new students were admitted in my class.One day,I was sitting in my bench as usual and suddenly I saw a boy coming towards my classroom.I don't know why I couldn't take my eyes from him.He was very tall.He had dark black small hair and clean shave.He started doing class with us.I was surprized he made many friends in a day.How!!!!! I couldn't make a true friend in these 7 years and he??? Such a foolish boy.How can he trust anyone and how can he make friends so easily!!!

Then I went back my home and told my cousin sister about him.She told me,"Do you like him?"

"Yeah,mayb."I replied.

From the next day,I started going to school with a good look.Like I tied my hair properly and I started dieting.I kept looking at him almost all the classes.But he didn't.One day one of my friends told me that he was in a relationship with a girl in my class.My heart was broken.First time I loved someone and he ditched me.Actually it was not his fault.I am not beautiful.There was no reason for liking me.I know that girl with whom he was in relationship.She was very beautiful.My love story was one sided.I thought that I would keep loving him.So what he didn't love me or notice me?I would not come between him and his girl.

Then I again started my boring life with my loneliness.Every day I used to pray to God for a serious illness so that I could die soon.I had no one who could spend time with me or understand me or care me or love me.Everyone was selfish and busy.There was no reason for my living.Poor Emiko.Isn't it???

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