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SUZY She is a kind of girl who always self doubt herself. She wants to portray herself as confident, beautiful and a charismatic person,but always fail to do so.She has very less friends. She always portray herself as a kind person to others.Then she come across a guy whom she have might thought once to be friends with but was never able to do so.she never in her wildest dream has expected him to talk to her and when he talk to her there is no word to express her bewilderment. DUSTIN He was a playboy. He was once cheated by his girlfriend because of which he turned into a playboy and he starts to do the same. He seemed to have his eyes now on the shy girl SUZY. He thought it might be fun to see her reaction but who would have knew that the shy girl was so different then the way she portray herself.

Drama / Fantasy
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Today is my birthday as usual I woke up groaning because I hate working up early. My clock shows 7:00 o'clock so my folks must have already left for work. I'm blessed to have such amazing parents. They are the sweetest persons. I love them a lot

I got up from the bed and saw a gift box on my bedside table along with a note attached to it. The note read 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZY DEAR AND ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR VIVAS'. I opened the gift box and found an amazing heart shape pendant I opened it and found a photo of me and my parents at the beach. I loved it. It was my favorite photo

So u guys will be wondering what vivas well I have oral exams today in high school I know I know what u guys will be thinking VIVAS on a birthday. Well what I could say I'm unfortunate

So I got ready as fast as I could not even giving much thought about what should I wear today because I was so much anxious about my vivas well u could say I'm a nerd. I got on my bicycle and drove to my high school. When I reached it was 7:55 o'clock if I didn't hurry I would be late for my vivas and as u guys already know first impression matters a lot

I rushed towards my locker took my books out just as I was leaving. I crashed into someone. I was so anxious about getting late that I didn't even bother to look at the person I crashed into. I picked up my books which were fallen down and rushed towards class while shouting sorry to the person I crashed into.
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