Paranoid Pills

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Emily struggles with a drug addiction and tries to keep it a secret from her family. Things only get worse when she meets a druggie at her friends party.

Drama / Adventure
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Chapter One

As Emily texts her best friend Kayla "Hey how much you got for 20?" Her mother walks in her room and exclaims "When are you going to do more with your life? I'm tired of you wasting your life! You are seventeen and dropped out of high school!" Emily groans and rolls over in her bed,why should her mom tell her what's right and what's wrong?

Kayla texts back 5 minutes after Emily's mom lectured her saying "I'll give you 5 but be at the spot in 30." Emily hurriedly opened her closet grabbed ripped jeans,a black zip up hoodie,and black converse,and rushed to take a quick shower. Emily was done getting ready in fifteen minutes. As she was grabbing her purse and phone her little sister who is thirteen asks "why don't you ever do anything right?" Emily ignored Alex's remark and made her start for the secret place her and Kayla spent getting high and forgetting about life.

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