Syra: A Strong Woman of Color

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A woman/ mom of Color who is trying to teach her kids why being black is a good thing and not a bad thing. She wants to protect her kids from the the crazy racist world they live in and teach them how to stand up for themselves.

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Chapter 1 The beginning

This is the story of a black woman named Syra Symona Yna. Syra is a mother of 2 very beautiful girls named Amina (4) and Bre'Shia (5). Syra has a husband named Tyreese Yna who works very hard to keep the family together and will always be there for the girls and for Syra. They are a very happy family. Syra also has her mom to help her out with the kids. Whenever Tyreese has to go to work, sometimes Syra's mom will let her bring the girls over to her place or she'll even come to Syra's house to help out with them. Syra really loves her mom and really enjoys her company

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