Yellow is the Color of You

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"You are yellow. You are what the color yellow is all about." * * * * Maya, lost in a new world, is in destress. That's why her father sends her away to a psychiatric hospital. Losing her mother is the hardest thing she has ever had to comprehend. To keep herself sane, she remembers the good things she misses about the world. As corrupt as the nurses are, she does find the good in one of them, who makes her realize there is still a bit of yellow in the world.

Drama / Other
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This section is a MUST read!!

This book contain mentions of suicide and self harm. It does not go into detail and will NOT be rated mature.

This book had been proofread several times, but NOT fully edited. Please comment with any concerns relating to grammar or tense issues. This is a SHORT story. Not every question a reader may have will be answered. Enjoy the story!

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