So Near Yet So Far

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Lies , secrets, hatred, deciet is all it takes to break one family apart . What does Freya do when she dicovers about her Aunts true colours and her true intentions behind killing her mother . Driven by Furry , rage and vengefullness Freya gets to reveal the past about her Father and Aunts history making her change her motive of avenging her mothers death but to finding out the truths of the past ..... Let's join Freya on her quest to finding answers cause there's love coming her way......🙈

Drama / Thriller
Nothando Dlamini
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Chapter 1

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My name is Nothando Dlamini an 18 year old girl living in Bhunya, Eswatini (Swaziland) who's currently busy with her studies . Ever since I got a total in assay writing when I did my Form 2 I've really become fond of writing and I'm hoping to have maybe one or more novelas or even novels by me . Writing has actually become a way of how I express myself where I get piece of mind . So this is one of my master pieces I hope you'll enjoy it....You'll love it❤

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Lies , secrets, hatred, deciet is all it takes to break one family apart .

What does Freya do when she dicovers about her Aunts true colours and her true intentions behind killing her mother .

Driven by Furry , rage and vengefullness Freya gets to reveal the past about her Father and Aunts history making her change her motive of avenging her mothers death but to finding out the truths of the past .....

Let's join Freya on her quest to finding answers cause there's love coming her way......🙈

Sneak peek

The person who had killed my mother was right under my nose all this time .

But how was she able to do it .

She's been nothing but a mother figure to me ever since my mother passed away , infact she's always been a mother to me even before my mother passed away .

"No it Can't be " , I said in a hushed tone so that no one from outside would hear me .

I felt like bile had come up my trought and I felt like I could feel it's bitterness . With my knees suddenly crashing on the floor I couldn't hold it any longer and I started crying .


Everyone was so happy ....we'd been eagerly waiting for this day .

Everyone is wearing a thousand dollar smile on their faces not to say my father. It was as if he couldn't belive that he was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary.

As their wedding anniversary suprise I had cameras installed in the area where the event would take place .And I did not tell that to anyone . I hated that camera men only took a few pictures so I wanted the whole event...

" come on Mikey mom and dad are about to come down you can't miss this else later on You'll be asking me what happened and I wont tell you" I said bannging his bedroom door

"Ok! Ok I'm coming just give me a few minutes I'm almost done here ....."

" seriously? How long does it take for you to get dressed, are you wearing make up or something ? " Mike was taking too long he's usaully the first one to finish dressing up for anything but today he's taking forever I can take this anymore.....he'll miss it why should I care it will be his problem.

Then I suddenly here arguments in the in the room opposite Mikes and my aunt had been the one to uccupy that guest house . I don't like eves dropping but I found my ear stickjng to that door , I don't know how but then I guess curiosity git tue best if me and I ahd to listen and it was worth listening.

" Peter , get me the Merchandise , Bruce will be the one to complete the job . Make sure you don't miss it this time.",

Miss what what are these people talking about , I really have to find Father cause what ever that is they're planning I just don'tlike the sound of it . Who would secretly come here . Lemme open the door.

"Who's that ", a female familiar voice asked but I can't figure out who's vioce it was but I knew that I've heard it somewhere but I don't remember.

" I'll go get it ",

" No wait this might not be one of them I'll go get it ", I heard high heel foot steps coming by the door and I made a bee line for the guest bathroom trying to tip toe so that who ever that is I'm not followed here.

Fifteen minutes later I'm still hiding behind the shower curtain and I had made sure to turn the knob that's behind the dorr that means that even if that person had followed me here the was no way he / she was going to get inside unless the had the keys or were some sort of secret spies , and I giggled to my self as that thought crossed my mind.

I suddenly come back to my senses when I hear a loud thud followed by another from down stairs that arises a lot of qusestuons what could have that been soon after the thud are screams and cries ... I want to go see whats happening but I can't before I know if it's safe or not . My hearts racing and my mond all over the place....Anxiety engulfs me until one word got me running downstairs like a headless chicken.

Mother laid at the floor lifelessy as if she was begging to be saved but I couldn't do anything . The bullet had mercilessy pierced her fore head ....My face was filled with tears people were tying all they could to get hold of the emergency serivices near by but me knowing very well that she would not survive I rather wanted to be right next to her .

She carefully caressed my cheeck with her bloodied hand ...Mike cried even louder when he saw the blood that our mother was covered in... I tried pulling her up to an embrace her and she allowed me too...

I droped her and saw her draw in her last breath and she answered the Almighty's call.

I felt my heart drop not by the fact that she was no more but by what she had said to my ear when I had embraced her . I couldn't stay there and see them my mothers lifeless body out of the room....

After the Police were done with the questioning and searching the house, guests came out one by one so that they would get their food packed by some of the caterers and left so that they gave us some privacy ...

Sammy's parents were the last ones to leave as Sammy had brought me to my room together with her mother ....

Blake , Sammy's elder brother was with Mike at the moment .

Sammy also kept crying which made me cry even more ...I got all the blood cleaned up and tried to get some sleep but I didn't get a wink of it...

The following morning I woke up with a heavy heart...the Sun rays pierced through the curtains. Morning had come too soon for me and I looked t the side of my bed reality sank in ..i didn't have a mother any longer as the was no tea at the side of my bed ..........

~Chapter 1~

It's been two weeks since the bowels of the earth had opened up to swallow the pride of our family. I wish it would be easy to let it go but to me it still feels like yesterday ...

The Police have been trying by all means to find any trail that could lead them to finding mother's murderers ...It is believed that they had fleed out of the country because if they were still they would have heard or found a thing or two abkut where they could be.

Father had given up a very long time ago , Auny Shay never showedany interest in the first place and she had been the one influencing my father to give up , I was also starting to give up but Mother's last words and what she keeps on saying in my dreams wasn't eazy to ignore , A dying person wouldn't lie especially my mother.

My mom's been coming to my dreams and that makes me miss her even more ...Its been two weeks and I miss her this much , I just don't want to know how much I'd be missing her in the years to come.

"May I come in Freya", Mike says holding a tray in his hands

"Yeah sure you can , I'm up already", I say shifting to the side making space for him to coe sit with me.

"You look horrible", he says indicating to the black eyebags on my face and it's become a nom nowadays that I wake up with them.

"I made you breakfast ", he hands me the tray and flips the blanket so that he gets in .

" Well breakfast in bed for a beautiful lady like me once in a while isn't a bad thing at all ", I say shoving a fork full of some of the scrambled eggs and bacon in the plate. I continue devouring my food till I notice that Mike has been silent for a while and he seems nervous.

" Mike what's wrong with you"

"Well, I've been meaning to talk to you about something"

" huh, what is it you've done now cause that's when all the pampering happens , when you want me to cover up something for you" .

"No it's not's just that mother has been....." then he stops talking .

The mention of mother draws my attention and raises a question has he been dreaming about her too.And my suspicion is confirmed when he tells me that she been telling him that all answers we're looking for are right infront of us but it won't be easy .

"Freya , what answers? And what is it that's not going to be easy? ...Ever since the funeral she's been telling me this again and again...

"The same has been happening to me ...Thats why I wake up this horrible all the time ....I'm not getting any rest ."

I was about to throw the towel but mothers words carry an even deepr meaning and I have to be alert. Afyer our conversation I go shower ...get a dew clothes from my closet and go to work ...

I'm taken away by work and don't realise how fast the hours have been going and soon it's time to go home ....

A knock on my door draws my attention as I was packing a few files since I was already .

A tall figure enters the room...My eyes are astonoshex to the goddes that eneters the door , a tall dark and hansome gentleman enters. He's wearing a Charcoal tailored suit ,which sits very well in his body.Someone clearing his throught brings me back on Planet earth.

" well if you're done with all yhe starring , may I come in", he says with a sirk un his face

" oh sorry, please come in " , I say he comes in and his face brightens at the sight of me and he does his own share of staring. I point the chair infront of him , signalling for him to take a seat and he finally snaps iut of it ..

"I'm Sam" ,he says holding out his hand to shake mine

"Freya ", I say shaking his hand .

The moment I touched that hand I felt tingles running all over my body , my hands felt numb , pictures of is being together ran up and down my mind, my heart raced and I felt a little bit wierd but it was a good type of being weird ..I loved it...

" You look even more beautifull when You're closer Miss Freya", he says slightly shifting his heard to the side and giving me his thousand dollar smile which make me recognise that he has a dimble on his left chick.

" You don't look so bad yourself Mr..?", I say raising an eyebrow in question

"Thompson "

" And by being more beautiful closer you meant ? ....You've been spying on me ?"

"Spying is a very strong word for that ", he says leaning back on his chair while smirking a little.

"Lets , get to business shall we ?"

" Ofcourse "

After talking for quite some time I finally say that I was going to think about his proposal and get back to him . We exchange contact details and finish off.

Just as I was also boit to go out I go out with him and part ways ...His eyes are glued on me for quite some time while I put all my bags in one of the back seats and drive off.

" how was Uni ?" I ask Mike while my food is placed infront of me.Mashed Potatoes, Steak, stir fried veggies and some gravy ..Yumm😋

Father has been away for sometime so is Aunt Shay , he said he'd need someone on his trip on so asked Aunt Shay to accompany him .I'd suggested that he got someone else but he insisted because his PA was on leave.

Aunt Shay hs been a great help and we've always loved her around....she's been reall great. But something's off about her but maybe I'm wrong who knows.

So we spent the rest of our time at the dinner table talking about the good times we had with our Mother while Father was on Business trips most of the times...


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